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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Stormy sunset, horchata, and living with a traveling man

Did I mention Papa got a new job?  Uhhhhh ya,he did.  This summer.  And by "new job" I mean he got another job, to go along with his first job that he's of course keeping cause it's the one that pays the bills.  Like now he has 2 jobs!  Cause I guess one job just wasn't enough.  This two job thing is a significant contributor to the crazy busy factor we have going on around here lately.  

The aforementioned 2nd job, involves a lot of travel.  Papa says it's only a couple times per month, but looking at the calendar for both Sept and Oct, I'm seeing about 3-4 times per month for 3-4 days each time which in my crazy head = every week, which in my crazy head = he's gone half that time.  It's Crazy 9 math folks so just go with me.  I know he's not actually gone half the time, but golly it feels like it.  

Last week, after leaving on Wednesday, he was suppose to get home on Saturday, but a storm hit and his flight got diverted to Tucson when our airport tower was evacuated due to flying debris.  His 2 hour flight turned into 6 hours on the plane.  I'm just glad they landed safe and uneventfully.  But he was stranded 115 miles away in Tucson instead of home in Phoenix.  The big kiddos sprang into action and suggested I drive to pick him up.  They even suggested (Oh yes they did!  They so know how life works!) that we get a hotel room and return the following day.  So that's just what we did!   I jumped in the car and drove 2 hours through the storm in the midst of a setting sun and amazing skies to get him.  My two hour drive actually turned into 3 'cause I kept pulling over to take pics of the sky!  Papa and I checked into a nice hotel, then had a fabulous Mexican breakfast and drove home the next morning! 
This was the view outside our hotel window the next morning! 

And this is our new favorite Mexican food restaurant!  I just wish it was in my city! Oh well.  
My breakfast was chorizo con huevos with refries, a fresh flour tortilla to die for, and a glass of horchata.  (Tell me there's some horchata fans out there!  Takes me back to my childhood every time I drink it!)
Then we drove home and were home by lunch.  The house was not only still standing, but happy and relatively clean!
I know this plane-being-diverted-to-other-cities thing is rare and likely won't happen again.  Nevertheless, this traveling thing is new to our family, and it's kind hard!  Papa has never been a traveling job kind of husband.  Before this new job, he traveled a few times a year max, and 1-2 of those were for pleasure with his guy buddies. But now it seems like he's gone half the time, although it's not really half the time, but still!

So... I know that there are some ladies out there that are reading this that have traveling husbands. How do you do it?  Do you have any tricks for me?  Any tips that make it easier on the kiddos? Or me?!  I'm kinda at a loss.  As it stands now, I'm kinda good the first day. Then somewhere on day 2 I throw in the towel to preserve my sanity, stop doing much of anything with meals and housework, (except parenting which I think seems to keep going pretty well through out) and eventually run around like a chicken with my head cut off the day he comes home to try and cut through the muck before he gets home.  I have NO stamina to do it all, all of the time.
Got any advice for me?
I will gladly take it!


  1. Hugs. Its hard. Some weeks my hubby is just one night, other seasons like now he's gone 4 nights a week several weeks in a row. We seem to have a "normal" for when Dad is home and a different "normal" when he's gone.

    I only have one kiddo so meal planning often doesn't happen and we eat simple things: quesadillas, breakfast for supper, simple pasta dishes,etc. Sometimes the first night he's gone I'll make a big casserole that we can have a second night which helps some too.

    We try to skype or do a phone call before bed. Sometimes Dad brings a book to read over skype at bedtime. If he's gone longer than usual, we do a countdown on the fridge for when Dad gets home.

    Thankfully when he gets home, he's great about letting me get some time to myself a bit -- even if its running errands by myself or reading a bit upstairs while he and our son work on something else (spending some quality time just the two of them). And then finding time somewhere for some extra time for the two of us :)

  2. My husband used to travel every week, and last year he was working in California 3 weeks a month from September - December, and now that he's 'the boss' and has minions, he travels a lot too. He getting ready to go back to Europe for a week for the second time in 2 months. We've been on the travel roller coaster for 9 years and I've just learned to cope! I make simple meals when he's gone, because no one in my house is going to ask for seconds of meatloaf but me, so we do lots of pasta, pizza, chicken fingers. We always keep to routines, snack, homework, dinner, violin, free time, bath and bed, and that makes it easier on everyone. We don't get to talk to dad when he's gone because he usually is in a different time zone and often has evening/dinner events. He will email me and then I try to send a picture of the kids at least every other day which helps a lot. Both my kids are in school full time so that really helps me when he's gone. Try to find something or someone who might be able to help when you just need a break to breathe. And don't feel guilty about it. We all need time to ourselves!

  3. Gorgeous photography and life is filled with changes and nothing last forever ~ You have a gift for photography and a family around you ~ You are blessed ~ 'Don't Worry, Be Happy.'

  4. My husband works in Africa and we live in Omaha, so for the past 18 years he has been away for 5 weeks and home for 5.. Sleeping without him was the hardest to get used to.. Sleep in the middle of the bed.. It helps.. I have so many more tips, however I know you have received so many good ones already. If you ever need a few more, drop me an email :).


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