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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"I'm definitely up to something"

...and that something is playing with Lego's on my bed, and this something can go on for hours and hours if nothing stops him.
Given a box of Lego's and no little people to take the favorite pieces, Jude will build and "fly" his spaceship over and over over.  
He's such a sweet boy with a firm sense of right and wrong and justice.  He's earned the title of Crazy 9 hall monitor, reporting every infraction of rules he sees. 
Despite the huge lack of Tiger mom in me, daily he eagerly studies spelling words, trying so hard to earn a perfect grade on his spelling test each Friday.  
And truth be told, he's very rarely "up to something" since he's mostly a linear, rule- following kind of guy!  
Wasn't it just yesterday when he was only 1 year old, his surgery complete and he had chubby cheeks to die for?  The years pass far too quickly. 

I know that gonna miss this season of Lego's some day!  

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