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Monday, October 6, 2014

Baby W & Red Thread Sessions

Did you notice that there is a new little blog bling over there on the side bar?  I'm now donating photography sessions for an amazing organization called Red Thread Sessions.  They are amazing and I am honored that I'd get to be a part of this wonderful group of photographers who are not only hugely talented but are willing to put their time and talents where to a wonderful cause, adoption.

Red Thread Sessions is a gathering of photographers all over the country that  have agreed to donate their time and talent by waiving their session fee to celebrate the beauty of your adoption through photography.  There are photographers all over the country!  And they offer 3 different type of sessions.

  • a homecoming session where the photographer meets the adoptive family at the airport
  • an open adoption birth session
  • an adoption portrait session taken within the first 3 months of a finalized adoption.
If you are in the process of adopting a child, and would like a free photography session, I recommend going over there and checking them out!
Baby W is 9 days old here.  Oh my.  Oh my my MY!
I've done 2 sessions so far for 2 amazing and incredible families.  This is the gorgeous J family that is adopting a Safe Haven baby, Baby W.  They traveled to Phoenix from out of state with big brother and big sister too, to pick up their new son, and are now a family of 5!  

Congratulations, J family!
Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of photographing your gorgeous family!
Your family is not only stunningly gorgeous, but perfectly made!


  1. Replies
    1. Ya, I know! DELICIOUS! It was super hard not to take him home!

  2. What a blessing these photos are to that family!


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