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Sunday, October 26, 2014

A little favor to ask...

Papa and I are again traveling to Pennsylvania to attending the Together Called conference in March next year.  We've honored that we've been asked to do a break out session again and we after some brain storming have decided that the topic of our session will be one of the questions we get most often about adoption, which is "How did your kids handle it?"  It referring to adoption and adding to siblings via adoption... I think.  The breakout session will be called, "Adoption: A Sibling's Perspective."

So with our children's permission, we're going to skip the middle man and asking our kids these questions directly.   Literally the kids are going to answer your questions and we'd really like YOUR help please!   Do you have any questions re adoption that you'd like to know a sibling's perspective of? Is there something you'd like to ask them about their adoption experiences?  We are looking for our children to give real answers... even to the tough stuff.   We're lucky that 2 our oldest children are now adults and can field questions some of the tougher questions.  We may re-word the questions or group them together and ask the questions to the right kiddo.  So anything goes.  

We'll be making a video of their replies for the conference and I'm really hoping that we'll be able to show it here on the blog too. 

So could you please comment with any questions you'd like the kids to answer?  

And what's a post without a pic... just keeping it real. 
Headlock and all.  


  1. Questions for the children:

    --- When people (including other people who have adopted or are adoptees) ask about adoption, how do you handle it? How do you like your parents to answer the questions? Are there ways that people can talk about this that are better than others?

    I often wonder about the etiquette of adoption. When I'm in public and I see what I think to be another adoptive family, I wonder how (or even whether) to approach and talk about it.


  2. Liv & Sunny (and maybe Patch) - What are some of the most outrageous or offensive comments you have received about adoption or your adopted siblings?

  3. I love this! I'd like to to know what was the best thing your parents did to make you feel involved, important, loved and cared for during the adoption process?

  4. As growing up, have you ever thought that one day your younger siblings would be adoptive?, and what were your feelings, thoughts then, when your parents approached you about it, and your perspective, feelings, about your adoptive siblings now? And have you ever talked about them with your friends, and how they think about your diversify family?

  5. Was there a situation where younger kids asked the elder kids why are they different in color of hair, skin. eyes? How your elder kids handle or answer their queries?

  6. if you decide to adopt a child later in life, what would you do differently and what would you do the same as your parents?

  7. When you look at Mimi, Jude, & Tess, do you think, "my sister" or "my Asian sister"? In other words, do you half forget that they are a different race?

  8. What are the worst and best things about having adopted siblings?


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