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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

365 Project (September)

This summer I started participating in a 365 project.  That's where photographers {try} to post a pic every single day for a whole year!  I've attempted them before only to embarrassingly give up a couple weeks later. It's harder than it sounds. Some 365 groups have themes or strict rules wanting specific subject matter.  The one I'm doing right now has next to no rules, except that we try to shoot a pic Every. Single. Day.  Sometimes it takes me a week to get the pic posted to the group, but so far, I'm still doing it and haven't missed a day yet!

But.... like I said, it's
not easy!  The problem is that I'm not often "inspired" to take a pic everyday!  And so the day is coming to an end, the light it getting low and Oh NO! I still need to take a photo today!  So finding the beauty in the ordinary everyday becomes my real objective.  And challenging it is!  But like any skill, practice helps, and lately I've been noticing some serious photography skillage in this group of ladies that are in the 365 project that I'm in!  One of the GREAT advantages of doing a project like this in a group is that everyday I get to be inspired by everyone's ordinary everyday!  The images I see this group of ladies post are so gorgeous, varied and beautiful!  Serious ladies, plain ol' life is beautiful!  From the Arizona desert, to Amish Pennsylvania, all the way to Scandinavia!  Our everyday ordinary lives are blessed, abundant and wonderful!

So here are just a small smattering of our 365 project from September.  I hope you find inspiration to see the beauty in your everyday ordinary too!  And maybe it will even inspire you to pic up your camera every day too and snap a pic or two!  

 From Christy, taken in the Pacific Northwest
From Amy in southeast Wisconsin
 From Dawn in Michigan
 From Deb in NewYork
 From Erin in the Appalachian mountains in Pennsylvania.
More of her beautiful pics are here
 From Kristen who was attended the First Annual Dragon Boat Festival in Cary, North Carolina
 From Lill-Karin in gorgeous Norway!
This is the view from her office... oh yes it is!
 From Michele in Minnesota
From Elaine who lives on a beautiful hobby farm in southern North Carolina.  
More gorgeous images from her are here
 From yours truely (still in the Arizona desert!) 
 From Saina in Virginia
 From Senni (Saina's sister) in northern New Hampshire.
More of her gorgeous work is over at Our Mothership Adventures
 From Shannon also in North Carolina
 From Tyrie out of Chicago
Watching the growth of the women in this group has been so amazing!  Thank you ladies for continuing to inspire me every day!

If you've been bitten by the photography bug, I can not recommend a 365 project enough!  Picking up your camera Every. Single. Day. is a wonderful way to not only refine your skills, but define your own style. 


  1. I know I should start this project as well, a suggestion from you my dear, that I could practise my skills. What is your group called and would it be possible to join it? It would be fun to be in a group with ladies that I know already and there were several that I recognised. And I'm sure it's challenging. Life takes over and camera is forgotten. :)

  2. Ina, well we really don't have a name. But this is a group of gals that have taken both my Lightroom and my Manual classes. I get kinda attached to my students and even after class is over we stick together and talk about photography, have challenges, and some do this 365 projects. So I'm sorry to say that this one is only for past students on my classes. But there are LOTS of 365 groups on FB, Flickr, Instagram...

  3. Guess what Nancy! I'm your past student. I just finished your MnM class. :) Ina is my blog world name, Christina W. would say more to you. But if you require both MnM and LR classes to have been taken before joining I would definitely wait. :D

  4. Oh now it's totally making sense! YES let's do the 365 after the LR class! It's on-going, so you can start any time! YEA! I'm happy that I'll get to be seeing more of you both in LR and the 365!


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