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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Mud Luvin' Rednecks?

Did anyone see that show that used to be on, Mud Luvin' Rednecks?
Ya, me neither.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Sometimes the reluctant city-girl in me discovers that in retaliation to the city, I swing a bit too far the other direction, and I embrace my inner redneck.

You see we had this huge downpour in the desert last week.  It happens more often than not in the desert, where there are torrential downpours rather than just rain.  And the desert people go crazy when it rains!  We make all sorts of irrational choices.
Like standing in it for no reason at all.
Like watering the lawn while it rains.
Like driving our car through obviously water swollen places that no car should go.
And like taking one's children to deserted construction sites and playing in the mud.

Oh yes I did!  City kids need a touch of the country redneck after all, you think?  Although they were quite doubtful that it would be fun at all. Actually they were looking at me like a was a completely loony.   But city kids rarely have the opportunity to play in the mud and get dirty!  So Liv and I encouraged them to get dirty and have fun!

May I introduce my little Asian city rednecks!
Ya, you see that no trespassing sign behind them?  We didn't go there.  Another story I'm sticking to! 
But after a little coaxing, the girls totally got into it!
Jude, my anal-retentive, rule follower, was convinced the whole thing was not a good idea. So he did a lot of watching from afar.  Eventually Liv rubbed some mud on Jude.  You might have guessed from the look on his face, it didn't go over well.
I love the shot on the very top of this post!  I love how all three of them are a bit awkward and stiff!

My sweet dirty Asian city rednecks!
I hope you all find a little mud in your life and get dirty!  Life's too short not to!


  1. I love this! I'm always telling my husband, "when we have kids they are going to get dirty all the time". Now if only we had some rain in this dry California valley.

    1. Dirty is usually very very good... but tough for mama! It's one of the way I always looked at preschools; I wanted them coming home with paint on their clothes and sand in their shoes!

  2. Oh to be young again. Here in Washington State, we don't get as excited over rain.

    1. I assumed if it rained more here we wouldn't make such a big fuss over rain, Lisa. But it is the desert after all, so we are so so happy when it does come!

  3. Every child should have the opportunity to play in a mud puddle!

  4. These photographs being back so many childhood memories of mud puddles. I have been following your blog for some time now, but have refrained from commenting until now. Please understand that your blog is such a blessing and a source of encouragement to many mothers. We are in the adoption trenches right now and seeing the faces of your happy children has given me much hope. <3

    1. Rose, I so so so remember those feelings like it was yesterday. the worry and the excitement and all the unknowns all rolled into one. It's so amazing and stressful all at once. Be sure you reach out when you need. I didn't do that well enough at times. Boy? Girl? Where from? I'm excited for you!

  5. I just found your blog. Amazing stories and fantastic photography. We're in the middle of our second adoption from China and I have loved reading your bog even though I've been through the process before. Thanks for sharing!


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