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Friday, September 12, 2014

Macro (Part II - Flowers)

The Click Away conference has been wonderful!  The best part is that I have inspiration oozing out my ears!  If you wanted to go and couldn't come this year, I'll recommend that you meet me here next year, because I am SO coming again!  I don't have any pics to show for the conference, but like I mentioned earlier, I'm going to keep posting macro images through the week so you can keep seeing what this amazing lens does.  Macro images are just about getting really close to objects to make them appear large in the frame.  Most lenses can't get very close to focus on something.  Their "focal length" is the minimum distance that a lens can be to a subject and still focus and most lenses won't let you get much closer than a few inches.  But macro lenses have a really small focal length, allowing the photographer to get really close... which is great is your trying to photograph really little things!

Another  fabulous thing about macro lenses, is that they really create amazing blurry backgrounds for the subject in today's case flowers.  Even busy plants suddenly blur into an amazing backdrop.

I'd like to mention that although I'm showing images that I shot with a 100mm macro lens, Canon has more than one macro lens.  Canon makes a 50mm, 60mm, a 65mm, 2 different 100mm (that I talked about here) and a 180mm.   And Nikon has even more than that!

Photographing flowers is a fun easy subject when shooting a macro.  Suddenly even the tiniest of flowers is visible with lots of detail, amazing details that I didn't even notice before are so obvious when close up!  I took the following images in the last month.
I hope you enjoyed the flowers and can see all the little amazing things that is God's handiwork! 


  1. I want to go! Did you hear that Vietnam was opened today. Yahoo for all the children sitting over in orphanages waiting for families.

    1. I did hear the Vietnam reopened (or will be for sure) today. It's a SMMMMMAAAALLLL program nothing compared to the size it was before and so few of the children that need homes will be available...BUT it's a great start. Fingers crossed!!!!

    2. Thank you Jesus!!
      Would you mind filling me in with a few details on what happened and the new program?

  2. I love your macro work. I can't wait to see your conference photos.
    In the precious post, you mentioned that you would do posts on lenses.
    I am on a crop sensor Canon 60D DSLR and my one and only lens is a 50mm 1.4. I'm deciding on a new lens. 24-70 2.8 looks great to me. You have had it for years, if I recall correctly. Do you like it? Would you reccomend it? Pros and cons?

    1. Kelley, yes I do have it and really I do LIKE it. But honestly, I'm not in love with it like many of my other lenses. But I DO think I'm in the minority since most folks LOVE LOVE LOVE it. the f/2.8 just isn't as low as I'd like it to be. And it's not as sharp as my prime lenses. Although it's a zoom so of COURSE it's not as sharp as my prime lenses. I'm thinking of selling it and getting the version II. I've heard it's much better than the one I have, the first version. but again, I think I'm in the minority. Most folks LOVE it.


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