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Monday, September 29, 2014

Lego Guys

The 2014 birthday blitzkrieg has come to an end.  And there's one gift that was just so so good that I had to pass it on to y'all!
Lego mini figures  Or as we simple call them, Lego guys!  Or sometimes we simply refer to them as dudes.

Now I know that you know that Lego figures are far from new.  We have a few of them hanging around our house.  But unfortunately they were the source of frequent knock down, drag out, rolling on the floor, screaming tantrums differences between the little ones.  With 4 kiddos playing with them, (Boo, 12 years old, still loves them too.) we didn't have enough. It seems someone always wanted the one Lego guys that someone else had!

This one is special to me!  
She's has it a looooooong time!  
He has two Lego guys, and I only have 1!
She's not taking turns!

You know what I mean?  Now generally I like to use these opportunities as teaching moments!  You know, Let's use this occasion as opportunity to learn the fundamentals for sharing and taking turns.  BUT the squabbles never seemed to end!  And kept coming every day!  Bad, take-the-easy-way-out mommy needed as new strategy to retain her sanity!

I looked into getting more of them.  But they aren't cheap, around a $1 a piece.  And I am cheap!  And I knew the way to settle the squabbles was to get a lot of these little guys!

Enter Ebay.
Enter cheap Chinese knock offs.
Enter 10 mini figures for under $1 with shipping included!
Enter 4 Crazy 9 kiddos who are no longer squabbling over Lego guys...
and a very very happy mama who ordered $4 worth!
So there are a few draw backs that I should mention.  
  • It is random assortment, so you don't really have any idea of which ones you get.  In the 40 figures we got, we did have a few duplicates.  But the kiddos never noticed.  
  • They are knock offs.  Once I got them out of the package, I couldn't tell the difference, but then again I'm not a Lego connoisseur so take that for what it's worth.  
  • And they do come from China. So when the shipping says it's gonna take up to a month, believe it. Order early. Looking for stocking stuffers?  Order them now.  It'll be the best $1 you spent! 

Now I have no affiliation with any of these Ebay stores.  I just wanted to pass on something that's really worked for us!  So I'm not gonna link any specific Ebay listing.  Just head over to Ebay and type in "mini figure lot of 10" in the search bar, and you'll have more possibilities that you can shake a stick at starting at $0.10 for 10 of them!
And that's SO my price range!


  1. Oooh, what a cute set of dudes! :) We have plenty of dudettes that come in the Lego Friends sets that are a hit in our house. And then cue this summer we got hold of some of daddy's old Legos from England and in there some quite old Lego dudes (mainly space dudes). But not enough.... apparently. I'll look into these and they certainly will be a great advent calendar treat (I'm not into sweets at all in terms of advent calendars to my children's huge disappointment. Thanks for the tip dear!

  2. And then we can ponder the ethics of knock offs. Can I suggest second hand next time?

    1. I think I need to look in to the reality of knock offs and get more educated. It's not something that I have a stand against. Maybe I should? To be fair, these little buys are not referred to as Lego anything. I'm the one that made the leap by calling them that. Lego is nowhere in their product description anywhere. Although they obviously are replicas of the Lego mini figures. So I'm not sure I even know what considered "counterfeit" and what isn't especially since they never claimed to be a Lego product even in the packaging. ---I actually did try my second hand down the street. I shop there quite a bit. They didn't have any after a couple months of looking. ---thank you for the reply, Anonymous. I think it's a wonderful topic for discussion!


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