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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Happy Birthday, Patch!

This annual Crazy 9 birthday blitzkrieg of 2014 is still rolling.
Next up, Patch on his 16th birthday!  Good golly I love love love this boy young man!
How old are you today?  24

Can you describe what type of person you are?  Awesome.  Totally awesome. The most awesome.  If I had to pick just one word to describe me it would be awesome.  Outgoing.  Really freakin' awesome. If I had to pick between being the queen of England and awesome, I'd be awesome.  Funny, nice, belligerent and awesome.  If I had baby back ribs that were awesome, I would be a bit more awesome then they were.  And humble. 
What's your favorite color and why?   Purple.  I had to pick a color a long time ago, and purple is the one I chose.  I couldn't decide between red and blue.  So I just decided between red and blue. Why do you feel such a commitment to purple?  We've been through a lot together, purple and me. 

Who is your favorite person in the whole world?  Can I pick Dad?  Sure!  Ronald Graham, a mathematician.  I'm fascinated with his work.  Large numbers are fun.  What type of work has he done? 3 dimensional cubes. Hyper cubes.  I just like the problems he thought up. I mean I like him, but mostly I like the problems he thought of.  
When you grow up, what do you want to be?  A biological genetic engineer.  It sounds fun, and that's what I base my life on.... stuff that sounds fun!  I'd like to take the capsaicin out of peppers and find medical uses for it.

What's the hardest thing in your life right now?  Work.  All work.  Doing work. Working.  Homework. School work.  Class work.  Work my parents give me.  

What is your favorite thing to do?  Sit in the quiet.  I just like to sit and then it's so quiet.  

What are your favorite foods and drinks?  Penang curry, but not spicy. Food in general is tasty.  I like eating food.  Sprite and water.  
What do you not like?  Noise. Work.  

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?  Vietnam even though I've never been there.  But my family makes it sound so good.  China was fun. But maybe a fantasy beach on an island. Not a volcanic island, but there would be bunch a coconut trees where the coconuts were always ripe and and a couple banana trees with ripe bananas. And I would have a lawn chair on the beach that is comfortable and reclines like a bed. No wait... make it a bed on the beach.  And I would have a sand dollar farm and people that bring me drinks all day long.

What do you want for your birthday?  I really don't care.  Money is always nice!

I think this little interview gives and accurate depiction of who Patch really is right now, the real Patch that we live with... day and night... all day long... 24/7, day after day after week after month!  He is truly a hoot, and he certainly keeps life fun and interesting!   He's our 6'1" modern renaissance man, the only boy in his high school that is both on the wrestling team and the choir.  This summer he canoed 115 miles.  He really is one of my very favorite people on the planet, and if I have to be marooned on a deserted island, you'd better believe I'd hope that I'd be maroon with him.  Of course I'd be even better if we had those beds on the beach and people that bring me drinks all day long!
Happy birthday, Patch!  I am loving watching your grow into a man and become a better you every day!  I wouldn't change any of it!


  1. He is hilarious!!! Totally reminds me of Gardner! Never a dull moment. Happy birthday to Patch!

    1. I think so too, Paige! I always say, he's a hoot and a half!

  2. He totally cracked me up...and I even had to stop and make sure you weren't interviewing my son! They must have very similar personalities.


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