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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Family Faves {Breakfast Granola}

A certain somebody is gonna need a wedding present!  And FINALLY I'm going to be putting all these recipes together into a book for her.  I remember when I started this idea a long while back and thought how neat it would be to not only gather a collection of recipes that the family loved to pass on to my children as they got homes of their own.  But a collection that included photos them growing up, making said recipes and enjoying the food they made!   and now I cannot believe that that time is now upon me!  (Insert sudden realization that I AM GETTING OLD and expletives here!)  Time to make my first recipe book for the first to get married!  

But there are several recipes yet to get into the book.  So I'd better get to working on our Crazy 9 favorites.  Here's another favorite, which is really just our plain ol' sticky granola recipe but with less goo on it. 
That's surely a technical epicurean term. 
If it's not it should be.  
Put on your best Julia Childs voice now.  And then you pour the goo on the oat mixture and blend.  

The thing about this recipe is that the progeny are totally oblivious about what I actually put into it.
Wheat germ.  
Oat bran. 
You know, the stuff that they probably would turn their noses up at it they knew.  
If you're progeny and you're reading this you did not see that!
I am sure to put their favorites in too.  Patch doesn't like raisins so you'll notice I substitute Crasins and chopped up dried apricots since they were on sale this week.  Boo likes lots of nuts, so I added coarsely chopped almonds, also on sale that week.  Sunflower seeds were on sale too, so in they went.  You're probably seeing a trend here.  Ya, whatever is on sale tends to get thrown in.  That's one of the fabulous things about this recipe!  It's so adaptable and I really can't go wrong! 
Notice Tess doesn't like to cook as much as Jude and Mimi.  Ninjas can be like that.  
Livy comes to help with the cooking the goo part.  Ya, I know I'm the luckiest mom in the world.  It's true. 
Then we spread it out on a cookie sheet and bake it a bit till it gets golden. 
It's great as breakfast cereal, and I also hrow it in a small snack bag for on-the-run snacks like the sticky granola too. 


  1. Having a book of family recipes is so great and adding all the photos will make it a treasure. When I got married one of my aunts sent recipe cards to members of mine and hubby's family to ask for recipes and compiled a book. I love making recipes in my grandma's handwriting or ones that were copied out of my great grandma's recipe box.

    1. There is something so so wonderful about the hand writing on recipes that makes it extra special! What a treasure you have!

  2. The apricot has me drooling. There was a period when I couldn't keep enough granola in the house and now it is fresh berries. Hubby likes to mix these with yogurt.

    1. We just had it yesterday for breakfast on granola! It was yummy!!

  3. This looks amazing! I think we will mix some up this afternoon! Hand written recipes are amazing, I have one in my grandma's handwriting from years ago and I am so thankful for it!


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