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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Labor Day traffic jam

To get out of the scorching heat, we drove up to Little Cabin in the Woods.  Unfortunately lots of other folks had exactly the same idea.
 And unfortunately there was an accident... or 2... and a road closure and miles and miles and miles or traffic stopped dead in it's tracks.

And unfortunately it was 105 in the shade when said road closure happened.
And unfortunately there is absolutely no way to turn around.

And unfortunately our 3 hour drive turned in 6+ hours!
But fortunately... it wasn't actually that bad! My kiddos rallied!  We played music. We got out of the cars because it's cooler outside than in the car.  We got to know our car neighbors.  We ate snacks.  We took in the gorgeous scenery around us that we usually pass by going 70mph. Some of us needed to wander into the desert to use the facilities.  And yes I took photos because that's what I do and I could. 

And we made do! Because what was the alternative?!
If was funny as I looked around at my car neighbors.  There were 2 choices really, accept it and make do with what we had at the time.  Or get mad and frustrated.  And some people did choose that second option.  But for the most part, most folks said Hi to those around them. Pet their neighbor's dogs. Asked about their families or their destination.  Some shared snacks and cell phones.  In general, most everyone was happy as we sat around.

I want my like to be that way and I want my children to have this outlook too.  Accept what I can't change and make do when the unexpected or undesirable happens.


  1. Arizona is absolutely stunning. I had no idea you were in literally dessert and cactus were not only a plant of Africa, much less that many in the USA! Here in Iowa our interstates are cornfields. We do not enjoy road trips for that reason.
    Now that I see Arizona, I might pay it a visit. When is the best time of year?
    Annika Dischinger

    1. Hi Annika, yep it's a real dessert here and stinkin' hot in the summer! So DON'T come in the summer. Best time of year is late Oct-April. We get a LOT of visitors when the snow is piled high in much of the country. It's a gorgeous state and I recommend it!

  2. Sorry you got stuck in so much traffic! Hopefully the rest of the weekend will be fun!

  3. It really is about how we chose to look at things. Great post!

  4. I live that you're teachng your children to go with flow and find joy in all! We like to enjoys life's unexpected challenges and changes too!


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