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Monday, August 4, 2014

It's all about the twirl

We take a lot of little walks when we're at the cabin. The light filters through the tall pines.  And she twirls.  A lot.  The light, the warmth of summer, a twirly dress, spinning with abandon with her hair blowing around... it's absolutely pure perfection in a single moment. 
And I want her to stay four years old forever. 
And I want it to be about the twirling forever. 
And I never ever ever want to forget the way she is right here and right now.  



  1. Nancy...I know how you feel. Our Mark is not a twirler but our new daughter is! May it always be so...four forever!

  2. Love the twirling photos, Nancy. And by the that photo of you on your side bar. You've gotten much younger, girl !!!!
    Cherie Steele


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