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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Happy Birthday, Liv!

How old are you today?  I'm 18 years old today!  I'm an ADULT!  WOOO HOOOO!!!  Now I can vote!  And I'm going to vote for whoever has the coolest name and everyone will say, Wow you raised such politically irresponsible children!  What does it feel like turning an adult?  Every year I expect to feel different, like magically I'll wake up on that day and feel like an older person.  But that never happens. Although this year there is added pressure.  I just got an adult bank account and that's kinda scary.  It feels like if I make mistakes now, my parents can't help me erase them. I'll have to solve them for myself like a big girl.  #adult

Can you describe what type of person you are?  My bosses say I'm bubbly and creative.  My mom says I'm stubborn and an old soul.  I love to spend time with my family.  I don't really want to define myself because my goal is to be whoever God told me to be. #human

What's your favorite color?   My favorite color is blue.  And purple.  And really any color but pink.  What do you have against pink?  It's too generic, like every girl likes pink, and I don't want to be just like every girl.  #likethesky

Who is your favorite person in the whole world?  God and Jesus. Cause really that one's just pretty self explanitory. #Jesus

When you grow up, what do you want to be?  I want to be a PICU or NICU nurse in a hospital setting.  I've always wanted to work with children and help people so together it's a pretty good match for me.  I'm starting college this year and want to get my nursing degree.  #happy

What is your favorite thing to do?  I like to go fishing because it's calm and serine. It makes me feel one with the Earth.  I like fly fishing with my papa cause he's a great fly fisherman, and now I'm better then him.  But don't tell him that.  I guess he's gonna read this though so he'll know.  #daddytime

What are your favorite foods and drinks?  Definitely Vietnamese food, any kind. Although I generally like happy pancakes.  It's real name is bánh xèo.  It's a Vietnamese egg crepe served with shrimp and pork and it's wonderfully delicious!  I also like bun bowls, another Vietnamese noodle dish.  Although I had a really great one in Vietnam, and now the ones here just aren't the same. Although you can never go wrong with a steaming hot bowl of pho. For drinks I like Starbucks.  Who doesn't?  Any any type of coffee as long as it has lots of cream and sugar.  #happypancake

What do you not like?  I do not like the fact that there are orphans in need in Vietnam and all around the whole world.  I don't know how to fix the problem, but I am going to fling as many starfish as I can!  I'm going to impact their lives and try to make it better.  I don't like hypocritical people either.  #orleeches

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?  Definitely back to Vietnam in a split second. I'm trying to go back in January, back to the same orphanage we just visited in June.  I hope I can afford it.  But I need to buy a car too.  #StAns

What do you want for your birthday?  Only things that cost a lot of money.  I'm not saying that on purpose, but I have big goals right now for life.  I need a car for college and a new laptop.  #Ineedtobuyacar


  1. Baby girl you make me so proud. Yes you can out fish me but you are not supposed to tell the world that. Have a great birthday and keep being you, the perfect unstoppable you.

  2. Love her Spirit!! Happy Birthday Liv!!

  3. I had to ask my granddaughter what # meant. They are called hash-tags. Livy was not saying, "number adult" "number happy pancake". She was saying "hash-tag adult" "hash-tag happy pancake". I will be bother my grand babies by including hash tags in my letters to them.

    Hope she had a nice day!

    1. Judy, that's just too funny! If I didn't have a constant stream of teens I wouldn't have a clue what hashtags were. Or a LOT of other stuff! But they keep us in the know.

  4. Happy Birthday to an amazing, mature beautiful young lady, Livy, you has such a loving, generous, compassion spirit. I hope you will be able to go to VN again soon, and traveling though different part of the country, and definitely you will bring smiles, happiness to the children through your love, and caring compassion spirit. I will for sure contribute to any fund raising for your trip.


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