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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Goodbye summer

With school back in full swing for 2 weeks now and the desert 110 degrees everyday,  homework, carpool, doctor's appointments, rush hour traffic, bills to pay, phone calls to return... I'm missing my summer in the mountains already. It went by so fast this year.  Too fast. Why does that seem to happen the older I get?  Why does time slip by faster and faster with each passing year. I remember someone told me that once.  He said if I though it was fast now, wait until I'm in my 50's. Then 60's.  Wait  till you see how fast it goes when you're in your 70's.  I cannot imagine how fast the seasons will turn and children will grow then.
Anywho, I'm finishing up some pics from Little Cabin in the Woods.  And it's making me nostalgic already.  I know it seems early, but for the Crazy 9, summer is over.  And I miss it already.
We finish off the summer every year with one last trip to paradise creek.  And by August the monsoons have thoroughly soaked the forest and the wild flowers have exploded.  It was really this green.
Goodbye summer.  I miss you already!


  1. The last picture just warms my heart! So wish you were in it though!!

  2. Beautiful pics! I'm a follower but never usually comment. Just wondering...since I'm a Central NYer...can you really sit on the ground? I'd be afraid of snakes and those dangerous desert bugs.

    1. Yes, you can really just sit on the ground. We don't have a lot of ticks here. Or mosquito. there are snakes, in fact the kids caught one on this trip, but most are harmless and the kids know which ones to stay clear of. Same goes for spiders. And no desert bugs since this is pretty far from the desert. It's pretty close to heaven!

    2. It looks beautiful!!!


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