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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First day of school

As usual we waited for the last moment to head back to the desert from the gloriously, perfect, 75 degree cabin.  Back down to 115 degrees in the shade in a 3 hour drive.  Needless to say we are all still sweating and hibernating indoors unless it's absolutely necessary to go out into the oven.  We arrived back in  the desert with just enough time to buy last minute school supplies, get hair cuts, meet the teacher and push 'em out the door to the first day of school.  We start school early in Arizona, but the trade off is that we're out by Memorial Day.

Notice that you won't see Liv's first day pic below.  As a college freshman, she doesn't start for another couple weeks. Lucky girl!  I was also happy to see quite a bit of color/melon/ethnic diversity in all the kiddo's classrooms.  It's something I'm pretty aware of, and I couldn't be happier to see the diversity.

On with the obligatory first-day-of-school pics.
See that smirk on Patch's face?  That's his I'm-not-a-freshman-anymore smirk.  He's off to his sophomore year at high school.  Boo, starting 6th grade is the only one in a uniform this year. That's not why he's surly.  He really did not what his photo taken on the first day of school.  But I think it's a right of passage, no?
The not-twin twins, as they've been called already at school this year, are starting first grade.  With a little persuading, they are again in the same classroom.  Seriously, their pics just make me smile!
And lastly our littlest girly off to her first day of preschool!  She's been begging to go to school since she saw the school bus a couple years ago.  The expression in this pic really doesn't come close to how she was feeling.  So she was ready and so so so excited to go!  She has the same teacher that Tess had for preschool.  It always amazes me that kiddos are so different.  Sunny, Boo and Jude weren't scared necessarily when they started preschool but cautious and quiet.  Liv was scared out of her skin and silent tear rolled down her cheeks.  Patch just looked at preschool as a whole new way to push my buttons.  After seeing some kids hollering on the first day, on day 2 Patched gripped the door jam and screamed bloody murder as I left, all while smirking at me.  Only the teacher was fooled by his antics.  Tess took 3 adults to get her off me with ear piecing screams, and honestly I cried the whole time too.  And nowMimi?  She had absolutely no fear at all about going to preschool, smiles the whole time and never even looked back when I left!  
Notice below that she's wearing a totally different outfit by the time she gets to class.  

The good news is that her preschool is 4 days a week, every day but Wednesday.  Papa was out of town that day, so things were so crazy whompus busy that I had trouble remembering my own children's names much less which of the 4 school started at which time a bit more harried than usual. So on Monday, the first day of school I made and served breakfast, clothed the kiddos, packed lunches and backpacks, photographed and loaded them all up for school. Drove to the appropriate schools.  Unloaded, walked them to their classes and kissed them goodbye.  I was late getting Mimi to her class seeing as how her school is 15 minutes away from Tess and Jude's school and starts at the exact same time.  Needless to say we arrived 30 minutes late to Mimi's classroom.  The classroom door was unlocked, and I signed her in.   But I noticed that the lights off and nobody was home. I searched the playground.  I asked the secretary, and we looked together for where her class had gone.  My girly was a bit concerned but confident we'd find her class! 
The bad news is that it was actually Wednesday, not Monday.  The only day she doesn't have school
And my girl was ticked off that we had to go home!
But Thursday, her actual first day of school went off without a hitch!

So much for trying to remember everything.


  1. Ha!! You and I are so kindred spirits!! Too funny!!! Love all the first day pics!! School starts in 2wks for both Bre and I!

  2. Tomorrow night you will be helping Mimi with her calculus homework. It's going to go by so quickly. I can't believe she is already in school, can you?
    Our gang goes labor day - memorial day, but with barely any days off. I am not looking forward to my sweeties going back to school. I love having the bigs and middles home to help with the littles. Each school year goes by so quickly. Not for them, though.
    The middle schools in your area have uniforms? My sister's kids in Florida wear khakis and nice shirts to school everyday, even at a public school. It's just what everyone does down there.

    1. Nicole, Boo goes to a K-8 school that is a public school, but an "alternative" school, a traditional school the focuses on academics. It's the same school that Sunny, Liv and Patch went to too. And they wear uniforms K-8. Jude, Tess, and Patch all go to different school in the same school district, but no uniforms. The other school is just a better match for the younger children. And Patch is in regular ol' high school with no uniforms.


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