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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Registration for Beginner Photography class OPEN NOW!

Our little ones stay little for a very short period of time, and I know first hand that one day you wake up and they are grown and gone. So if you are letting your camera make all the decisions for you in auto mode, then you are missing out on capturing the fleeting ordinary miracles that are all around you!  Don’t let your big-girl camera sit on auto mode!  Learn to do more with it with your camera and capture the photos you want! 

***Registration is now OPEN ***  
Class size will be limited and is first come first serve.
Click HERE to register   

It’s no secret that I love photography!  And I also adore sharing what I know about photography!  Manual ‘n More is an 6-week, online course for beginning photographers who want to move beyond auto mode and take control over their camera.  It’s a class that will teach you how  to shoot in Manual mode so you can capture the memories around you.  I want to give you both the information you need to capture images like the ones you envision and a place to practice what you are learning where you can ask questions, get feedback, and learn from what others are doing and asking too!  I’ll keep it simple, use easy-to-understand language, and give step-by-step instructions that will help you learn how to really use your DSLR as more than a fancy point-n-shoot camera.

What does Manual 'n More cover?
  • Exposure-what it is and why it's critical to understand and how to do it in Manual mode
  • Apertures and depth of field
  • Shutter speeds and ISO and how they affect your photos
  • How to read your camera's light meter
  • Putting all the pieces together and choosing the camera settings to get the photo you envision
  • Different metering and focus modes--what they do and how to know which one to use
  • Studying the light in the setting you're in
  • Techniques for getting crisp focus

How does the class work?
This beginning course is 6 weeks long and is chock-full of information.  We will learn about the basics and demystify terms like exposure triangle, aperture and ISO.  Then we will put all the pieces together and empower you to shoot in manual mode.  But there's more!  While you're practicing shooting in manual mode, we'll move on to metering, and learning some great techniques for getting sharp focus.  I'll be available the whole time to answer questions and provide personalized feedback and guidance to help you through the process!  There will be a private forum just for our class, where you can share your photos and questions {or not} any time of day.  You'll also be able to see and learn from what the other students are doing and asking.  Yes, there will be homework, but unlike that chemistry class you took in high school all homework is totally optional and due whenever and if-ever you want!  There is no need to be online at any particular time because you choose when to check in and work at your own pace.  You can participate during nap time, in the middle of the night, only on the weekends, or whenever you find an opportunity.  I'll likely be there in my horribly-embarrassing holey yoga pants, so I invite you to pull up your laptop and make yourself comfortable any time of day or night!

What do I need to take the class?  
---A DSLR camera
---Access to the Internet and a Facebook account
---Enthusiasm and time to learn and practice

How much does it cost?
Registration cost is $179.  Sound like something you'd like to participate in?  

***Registration is now OPEN***  
Class size will be limited and is first come first serve.
Click HERE to register   

What do other students think of the class?

I took another class and decided I was too dumb to learn photography.  You have given me hope that I CAN.  You make it all make sense and give awesome feedback along the way.  THANK YOU!!!  ~Jodi

Nancy, thank you for being such an amazing teacher!! I never knew I could have taken photos like the ones I've recently done until I started your class. Your encouragement and constant feedback, in language which a "newbie" like me could understand, gave me the push I needed to feel comfortable to move from auto to manual. Your detailed lessons and assignments set me up for success; each lesson built upon the prior lesson, giving me the foundation, tools and knowledge to realize shooting in manual was possible. I honestly thought shooting photos in manual was out of my reach until I found your class. In giving me the "how and why" throughout the course, you took away the fear and intimidation of shooting in manual. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of teaching and your passion for photography.  ~Amy

Nancy, You truly have the gift of teaching!  I've learned so much under your kind and patient instructions.  I will be recommending this class to all my fellow faux photographer friends.  Never thought this could all make sense, but you made it happen!  ~Rita

Thank you, Nancy!  I owe it all to you that I am finally able to catch the beauty of my children in photos.  I look at the photos I took before your class and think if only I had known what I know now.  My only regret is I didn't take your class sooner!  ~Kristen

Thanks so much for everything you taught me. I learned so much from you. I'm really looking forward to taking some great pictures of my family as it changes over the years.  You have been a great teacher and I truly enjoyed your class.  I would differently recommend you to anyone wanting to learn how to improve their ability to take great pictures.  I will be forever thankful of taking your class.  ~Evelyn

I am truly  blown away by how much I learned in your class.  You put everything you had into making yourself and the material accessible to all of us, and what a difference it made.  It was amazing to see the transformation in not only my own pictures, but everyone's in the class.  I found that learning the appropriate  ways to focus and meter for varying situations was essential to capturing the images I wanted.  I think these essential pieces of instruction are often missing from other basic photography classes.  I  loved your tips and encouragement for finding our own style.  But most of all I loved how you made learning to use the camera in manual mode interactive and fun!  I felt like I had a teacher, a mentor, and a friend walking beside me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so responsive and so willing to share your talent and knowledge.  ~Ashlee

Thanks for everything, Nancy.  I had to tell you a funny story that happened.  I had printed a few pictures off at Walgreens.  When I picked them up the teenage clerk said that there was a slight problem and that a couple of the photos looked like a professional photographer had taken them and did I have permission to make prints?  I actually had to sign a copyright waiver!  It made me feel great that they thought my photos were stolen and I thanked the clerk for his compliment!  ~Cathy

Just holler if you have any questions.
Hope to see you there... holey yoga pants and all!



  1. Oh! I want to take this so badly! I am just too busy. =( *tear*

  2. I could not take it this time around due to our recent adoption, but I plan to next time. My friend taught me to shoot in Shutter Priority mode. My photos are much better, but they are still not Manual photos. I have a DSLR, a Canon 7D, and the 24-105 kit lens. I am not sure which lens to buy. The ones that our camera shop has are: 50mm in "f:1.2, f:1.4, and f:1.8" and 35mm in "f:2 and f:1.4". Money is not a great object, but I have no idea which would be the best fit for me. The man at the camera store told me that the 50mm f:1.8 or 35mm f:2 would be the best fit for me, but I would rather hear it from the teacher.

    Thank you very much.

    In Christ,
    Danielle Troxinger

    PS • How can I be added to the interest list for the next class?

    1. Danielle, I need your email address to put you in the interest list for the next class. You can comment here and I'll get it and not publish your comment so that it won't be floating around on the internet. Re the lens, it really depends on what type of photos you want to take. Without knowing that it's hard for me to recommend. If you desire to take pics of your kiddos, I agree with the guy at the camera shop. A 50mm or a 35mm are the ones I recommend to all my students. they are both great lenses and ones that you'll use for a long time. Pick the 35mm if you want a wider angle in your frame. I recommend the 50 1.4 or the 35mm 2.0 for most. If money is tight go with the 50mm 1.8. If money is no object and you know photography is going to be a hobby your going to stick with, go for the 50mm 1.2 or the 35mm 1.4. BUT without learning and practice it's all an expense that won't be worth it in the long run. So I'd also recommend a class or two to go with it.

  3. When can I learn from you? My new camera came today and I am dying for the battery to charge so I can take some pictures! So sad I missed the signup for this round, but hoping it is not too long until next time.


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