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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Photo Gallery {Selfie}

I'm was going through the last of the Vietnam photos and ran across several that I passed up so I'd have more time to work on them.  And I ran across this sweet gem.
In Hanoi we ran across a high school graduation.  It was kinda ironic since Livy had just graduated days before, the night before we got on the plane to go to Vietnam.  These 4 young ladies, dressed in the traditional Vietnamese ao dai were waiting for their commencement to begin.  And what do teenage girl's do when passing time?  Take a selfie of course!  And the theme of my trip was again reaffirmed: many things, like teenage girls and cellphone usage, are the same wherever in the world you are.

I love that they've kicked off their shoes.
I love the bright yellow high heels.
I love the matching lipstick and haircuts.
I love the textures of the steps.
I love that they have no idea I was taking their picture.

I love the memories this photo holds.


  1. Absolutely priceless. Fabulous catch.

  2. Amazing that you able to take this picture, so much happiness in their smiles, They probably are best friends, full of dreams. I love how well you observe every angle, detail of this image, and it is a very beautiful memory when you think of Viet Nam. I bet these young ladies would love to have this picture, to treasure their youth, innocent, and their beautiful friendship.


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