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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I used to be crafty I tell you!

Really uuber crafty!

Like, Wow!-Did-you-make-that?-Yes-I-did because-I'm-a-crafty-kinda-of-gal crafty.

Then I rediscover my camera, and my hot glue gun took a back seat ISOs and aperture values.  Seasons change I tell ya.

But as occasionally happens my craftiness briefly resurfaced when I was working on the little girl's room up at the cabin.
It occurred to me that I have very few photos of my bedroom from when I was a child. But I have tons of memories of being in that room.  It made me wonder if my memories were accurate and if they really matched what the space looked like.  'Cause memories are pretty undependable that way.

So in attempts to preserve for Tess and Mimi, I took some pics of their room here at Little Cabin in the Woods.
My hot glue gun got dusted off when I made these letter first to spell out "Sweet Dreams" from the oaks that are on our property. 
The idea for these bookshelves was my idea, or rather straight from Pinterest, but Papa did all the work.  They're made from old pallets that we attempted to procure from under the cover of night from the back of Home Depot, but then a night worker came and asked us what we were doing and so we asked and really we should have asked from the very beginning! got from the back of Home Depot. 
Men that are handy are hot by the way.  I would know.  
These little framed pictures are actually the covers to the Sunday school bible studies from Tess & Mimi's Grandpa when he was their age.  Stuff that means something and has some family history behind it makes my heart sing every time I walk in the room!
If you've been following this crazy blog a while, you might remember Arfie pictured above.  He's Mimi beloved.  He's still hanging around although I'm not sure he can handle too many more rounds with the washing machine.  And above that are Candle and Randell.  They are Tess's beloveds.  It used to be just Candle  for years, and then Candle got lost and suddenly, about 6 months later he was found 200 miles away at Grammy's house.  He took a long walk you see and got lost.  Lucky for us he recognized Grammy's house from pictures, knocked on Grammy's door, and she bathed and fed him before returning him to Tess looking practically brand new.  Coincidentally right on Tess's birthday!  *wink wink*  Then about a year later, wouldn't you know it, Candle's long-lost, identical twin brother popped up (and here we didn't even know he had a twin brother!) looking pretty shabby, but that's understandable because he explained he lived on his own for a while and times were tough.  It you're catching my drift here...

Thus the story of Candle and Randell.

Just in case you wanted to know about the drama that plays out around here.
I'm sure you did... right?

ps-The dark dresser in between the two beds was mine when I was a little.  I want to paint it, but something keeps stopping me.  Maybe if I had the right color I'd just do it!  
Any suggestions? 

pps-still registering for the Manual 'n More class if you'd like to learn to use your camera!  Click here for info! 

ppps-Could you please ignore the fact that I cannot find the second dust ruffle for the other bed?  The bad part is I don't even remember taking it off!


  1. Rather than find the perfect color to paint that dresser, have you thought about changing out the knobs? I have a lovely cherry dresser that originally had boring brass-tone hardware on it. I switched them out for colorfully-painted ceramic drawer pulls and it completely changed the look. That would brighten the piece up and give it a refresh, and it would be easy to find some colorful handles either online or at any number of home improvement stores.

    1. I like that idea! And with the ease of shopping on the the internet these days, I think I could totally find something. I'm thinking green glass? Hmmmmm... Great idea! Thank you!

  2. Love! Love, love, LOVE! Love the sweet dreams, the headboards and the pallet book shelves!! I love everything about their room, and now I'm really jealous of your crafty skills...I can pin all day, but actually making it a reality?? Near impossible.

  3. The pallett book shelves ARE JUST AWESOME!!!! Crafty and Gifted Photographer okay...tell me you do quilting and I'm checking you for a HALO!!!

    1. No quilting. That's my mom's department. But I do find that I have always been creating something my entire life. I love to "produce" things since a was a tiny girl.

  4. Rather than painting the dresser, have you thought about waxing it? A tinted paste wax would give it a fresh finish and fill in any dings or scratches.

    1. Oh I like that idea! Especially if it had a tint of color in it. I'm going to look into it for sure! thank you!

  5. Love the sweat dreams! The book shelves are fantastic too!

  6. I love the writing. I love the bookshelves. I love the letters. I love everything about you. That is all.

  7. Your cabin is gorgeous! Tess and Mimi will love this for years to come. I am having cabin envy.


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