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Monday, July 14, 2014

Hermès never looked so good

To escape the excruciating heat of the desert in the summer, we made it up to Little Cabin in the Woods.
It's divine.  Life at the cabin is like that.  Life it simple and the important things in life are magnified.  The thunder storms roll in each afternoon and I sit on the porch and edit photos with blankets wrapped around me, counting the seconds in between the lightening flashes and the thunder.  The kids play outside, get dirty and learn all about just being together.  You know what I mean... the important stuff.
I think this scarf came from my aunt for the girls dress up box, but I'm not sure. Wherever it came from we've had it a long time. It's big, sheer and has lovely colors.  The children have used it for years as super hero capes, wedding veils or even here as butterfly wings.
Tess flew around the cabin, spreading her wings both literally and figuratively.  It has been a long journey with this precious, perfectly-made little one.
She'll be 7 years old next month, and in that time there have been 6 years of continual therapy of one sort or another since the very first week she came home.  It still continues for those who ask.  I don't write about adoption a lot any more.  Adoption is just part of us now although we try not to let it define us.  Adoption originates with separation and loss.  Adoption is hard.  International adoption is really hard and not for the faint of heart.  And sometimes the adjustment isn't just in the short term.  Sometimes the adjustment lasts years, and even then the residual scars remain and may have to be dealt with for a lifetime.
I wish I could have seen these photos 6 years ago.  To see her spread her wings and fly with such happiness and enthusiasm.  If you're an adoptive parent in the depths of the uncertainly that is adoption and trying hard to surrender the fear, please reach out.  Reach out to other adoptive parents that have been there.
Eventually Tess got tuckered out 'cause all that butterfly flying is pretty exhausting after a while, and Papa pointed out that the scarf she was playing with is Hermès.  I had no idea.  I'm pretty sure this isn't what the Parisian Hermès had in mind.  No, it's not on Queen Elizabeth or Grace Kelly or even a Hollywood starlet, yet I can't help but think that Hermès never looked so good.


  1. I am grateful you still do the adoption talk sometimes. It's important that people in adoption land remember that these kids aren't "all fixed now because the white folk saved them." I think you do a beautiful job protecting the kids' privacy but appreciate when you acknowledge they need and may need for a time help with the wounds created by their losses and trauma. More people need to understand that and remember it. The hurt doesn't go away. You are awesome, and so is Tess.

  2. I so agree with scooping it up. Thank you and I love those photos, in every single way.

  3. I love your transparency. Love what the poster above said. It goes far beyond "being fixed and saved". These kids come with alot of hurts and unanswered questions. If you don't already know are doing a beautiful job with Tess!

    1. With divine intervention, Tess is doing a beautiful job with me too. I am better for the journey and that is a person blessing.


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