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Thursday, July 3, 2014


Did I forget to tell you that we made it up to the Arizona Mountains to Little Cabin in the Woods?  
Well we did.  It's not 110 degrees here so we're happy.  Blissfully happy with the plan of doing a whole lot of nothin'. 

Which includes going on a mountain picnic.  

On the way home from our picnic we saw the smoke from the San Juan fire.  We live in Arizona, and we don't have tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes. But we do have forest fires every single year.  This little fire, about 10 miles up the road from the cabin, isn't really a concern.  It's consumed almost 7,000+ acres so far, so right now it's still a baby.   There's not a lot of wind right now and no lightening activity... yet.  So no big deal so far.  

But the look of the glowing clouds always makes me pause.

Especially since we just passed the anniversary of our 19 hotshots who were killed last year.  I say we since they came from my home town.  It's still a pretty sore spot as I know it will be a very long while.  As it should be. 
As we were driving down the road, we saw a helitanker pass overhead and pulled over to watch it refill at a little lake.  
So we stayed right there, put the kids on the roof of the car, and stayed there for 30 minutes and watched the helitankers go by.  One flew past every 5 minutes-ish. 
They lowered over a little lake, Horseshoe lake if you know the area, and sucked up the water.
 We watched the helitankers.   The cows watched us.
One of us got a little antsy and decided it was more fun to play in the dirt.  Much to Papa's dismay.
 Then after they filled up they few right over the tops of our heads
Here's a video Papa took with his phone
Then they flew right back into the fire.  Again and again.  And I prayed that the winds wouldn't kick up, the fire would stay under control and all the hotshots and firefighters would all be safe,  
And come home. 

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  1. Praying for those in Arizona and those along the East Coast!


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