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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back in Paradise

We went there in 2009 when Tess and Jude are creek walking in diapers and Tess was her typical  self.

 in 2010 when we were potty training in Paradise and you'll see my embarrassing yet continued infatuation with the Contrast slider.

in 2012 when Mimi had only been home a few months, but already is all smiles.

I'm shocked by how little some of the child were back then.  Thankful that I have the photos to remember it all. Back when Sunny was still under my roof and yours truly had a few less grey hairs.

Actually we've gone there for years, even before we were the crazy, or even the crazy 7.  I remember Papa taking me here back when it was just the 2 of us!  But time passes, seasons pass, things change and yet our Paradise does not.  Summer visits to Paradise Creek are a tradition for us.  We squeeze in as many visits as we can during our stay at Little Cabin in the Woods.  And this year, without fail, it is no less gorgeous that it has been in past years.
It's hard to get his photo these days.  But that doesn't stop me from trying.  Patch just got home from a 116 miles canoe trip in northern Minnesota.  I'm pretty sure he grew a couple more inches while he was gone.  If I look at the pics from our past trips at to Paradise Creek I can almost remember a time when I was still taller than him.
And this is what happens when one of the little girls has to "use the facilities" and mom leaves her camera out for Papa to take photos.  
The fact that 2 of my kiddos (well 3 actually since Sunny has flown the nest) aren't in these photos isn't lost on me.  Liv was working, and Boo was on a camping trip.  The days of having all my children in one place at one time are far and few between now.  Don't get me started on what that does in my heart. Like I said, seasons pass.  
I do love love love summer. It's my very favorite season of the year.  And I love this sweet state of mine.  

Seriously, does it get any better than this? 
Mamas, hold your family summer memories and your own traditions in your heart.  Luv on them, put the camera down, laugh and giggle, hold their hands, lay on your back and find the shapes in the clouds, feel the sunshine, and just be present in these moments. 
As I know first hand, it passes before you know it.

I want to think I appreciated that back on that first blog post is 2009.
I hope I did.
I certainly do now!


  1. Despite not having everyone all together it looks like everyone had a good time. Happy Summer Moments.

  2. Oh, Nancy...not having all my kids together in one place anymore has me in big ol' momma tears too often these days. I guess all us "older" :) mommas get to go through this together :) I'm with you sister. Beautiful photos as always.


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