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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Vung Vieng floating fishing village

In Halong Bay there are several little fishing villages.  In Bai Tu Long Bay, off Ha Long Bay, in Vietnam, Vung Vieng, is one of the largest. I'm guessing about 20 floating houses, a floating school, you'll see the floating market boat below.  the colors were amazing.  Painted up in turquoises and blues with orange roofs.  Even in the full harsh sun (evidently the sun forgot rainy season had started!) I was giddy to see the colors and the reflections of it all.  

The 4 of us loaded a little boat and a 5 foot nothing lady paddled us around the center island to see it all. these are the boat below that were waiting to take us (the camera toting tourists) around their village. 
Here are the groups in front of us getting their tour of the place.  Ha Long Bay has recently been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.The sheer cliffs on the limestone islands are just so amazing and they are teaming bird life that make a constant hum of chirps and activity.  The photos don't do it justice.  It's just a magical and breath taking place and I believe one of the most beautiful natural monuments in the world.  
The people who live in the floating villages are fisherman and each has at least a boat or two tied up for fishing or to get to and fro.  We were told the children learn to use these boats very young at 5 and 6 years of age to get themselves to school each day.  
Above is a little floating market boat.  All you could ever want.  
And the photo below makes me remember that I should never ever grumble again about doing dishes in my big sink with running water again.  (Gotta luv the man in the back lounging while she's working her buns off.  Again, somethings don't change no matter where you are.) 
The next 2 pics are an actually fishing boat that this family was living on.  Not a floating house like the other ones pictured here.  Gotta love life with fishing and kids and ropes and laundry all wrapped up together. 
These are some of my favorite photos of our trip!  Hope you like them as much as I do!  

Lastly we went back to the big city for a couple more days before heading home.  So it's back to Hanoi in the last couple posts.  


  1. What an amazing place! Can't even imagine living life constantly on the water. Again gorgeous pictures Nancy!

  2. oh the colors are amazing--- how did you not upset your boat jumping up and down with excitement??? love the reflections- the brightness, the beauty of it all!!


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