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Friday, June 6, 2014

The final stop of the field trip

The last part of our field trip into the city was to take the kids to an arcade.
See?  Kids in arcades; some things just don't change no matter where in the world you are.
I will honestly say that arcades are not my thing.  I don't enjoy them even a little.  But it was a good and important part of the kid's experience.  It may seems insignificant, but these kids need real world experiences. They need to know what the city and the world is like out there.  They need to know what it has to offer and hopefully the trip to the arcade, all 3 hours of it, did a bit of that.  They did enjoy themselves!  The majority of the field trip was generously donated by a local Hanoi business, a travel agency that we also used.  If you need a referral for a travel agency for Vietnam, please ask me.  I'd refer them without hesitation.  Project Being There supplied the manpower and many hands it took to make the field trip happen.  We were honored to be a part of that!
We nicknamed this young man Smiley... because he always was.  He's the one that will forever tug at Livy's heartstrings.
And below is Mike with Tien, a double amputee, who will forever be in my heart.  Of course they all will.  But some kiddos just seems to burrow into your soul more than others.
One of my favorite pics below.  Like I said, some things are the same wherever in the world you go, and the Sisters were just as tuckered out as any other caregiver would be after a full day in the city while waiting for their kids to do arcade stuff.
And lastly  one of our guides and our translator/guide Van on the right.  He is an awesome man and visits the children at St. An's probably weekly.  I'll really miss Van too.  


  1. A "Smile" is also something that is universal and quickly understood and shared by us all. Nancy, not only have you and the wonderful aids put a smile on these precious children's face, but mine as well. It has truly been a pleasure seeing and looking at all the wonderful pics you have provided to us. As this trips winds down to an end, always know that you have left a lasting impression on all of us.

  2. Thank you for these pictures. They are such a gift.

  3. Project Being There would like to thank you, Olivia, Lynn and Dawn for your support on this trip to St. An's. The donated vitamins and funding for painting are greatly appreciated by us and the staff at St. An's. It takes support like this to allow us to continue to make the needed improvements and to show the children the love they deserve. You have done an outstanding job in describing the visit and the need for continued support. Thank you again
    for your support,
    Mike and Tracy


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