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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sweet slumber, changes & eye candy

I'm pretty sure that since my body has recovered from jet lag it's doing it darnedest to catch up on the sleep that I didn't get both in Vietnam and during the inevitable jet lag phase.  Did I tell you that the bells at the orphanage (think church bells Quasimodo style.  Loud ding dong dong ding from the steeples) ring at the orphanage at 4am as an alarm clock, waking up everyone.  Oh yes they do.  And then they ring again at 4:15 just in case you missed it... like that would be possible.   And one more time at 4:30 in case for some strange reason you managed to hit the imaginary snooze button and sleep through the first two times they rang.  All this to say, my body clock has been trying and failing to reset itself to wake up later than 4am.  Oh sweet slumber... how do I love thee?  And of course I quickly got reacquainted with my own bed and pillows.  I've gone to bed early and slept like a rock for days now, and as a person that doesn't sleep well or easily I will say that it has been has truly lovely.  When mama has sleep mama is happy!  And as you mamas know, mama's mood often sets the tone for the whole house. As I told Papa yesterday, the house is a wreck, but we're all happy and liking each other these days!  So as long as you don't count the mounting laundry or the dirt, it's been really quite wonderful around here.

Anywho editing Vietnam pics has stalled in light of all the sleeping that's going on. I will not quit till they are done.  (She says optimistically and calls herself out in a public format so that y'all will hold her accountable!)  There are more coming soon, smattered with our daily ordinary lives.  There are some BIG things happening around here recently. Some personal... our family is changing again!  (That was such a tease!  Sorry.  I'm mean like that!)  Some professional... a new class and site debut!  I can't wait to share them with you!

Okay you know I can't leave you with eye candy.  Or at least my eye candy.
I missed her so so much!


  1. You ARE mean! But not as mean as I was in not telling my in-laws that we were adopting. All we said is that there is a life changing surprise. We told them that when we did our application, and they called me everyday wanting to know. I would hint in a way that could have meant our eldest getting married (which, coincidentally, she got engaged the day of our referral). We told them that and they assumed that was the surprise. They were knocked out of their socks when we told them we were adopting TWO and had just gotten LOA!
    Whatever the surprises are (though it is so so obvious that y'all are adopting again or fostering), I cannot wait to hear the details of the little one that will have a family soon!


  2. Are you adopting from China or elsewhere this time? I cannot believe it will be Ordinary Miracles and the Crazy 10 soon!! Do you have a referral yet? Are you going the SN route again? When can you share a photo? Girl or boy?

  3. Oooh, my curiosity is spiked! Another adoption, maybe? Sunny or a more distant family member getting engaged? Can't wait to hear the news!

  4. Ohhhh do I detect ANOTHER adoption?!!! C'mon throw me a bone!!!

  5. A new class!!!! I don't care what the class is on, I'm there! (and i won't miss the enrollment period this time ;)

  6. A NEW CLASS!!! I don't care what it's on, I'm there! (and not going to miss the enrollment period this time ;)

  7. Is Sunny engaged to that cute military man she was dating? Or are you adopting a little buy from China?

  8. I can't wait to hear what the family addition is. A pet, a kid, an in law? What is it?

  9. Its obviously a little boy from China. No need for the guessing game. With that said, watch it be the rats being pregnant - all this suspense for nothing!!


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