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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Halong Bay

As hard as it was to leave St. An's we did.  There ended up being 4 kiddos that just took huge chunks out of my heart.  As much as I tried to keep a smile on my face and give hugs and tell them I would be back, I honestly I didn't handle the whole leaving part well.   I'm not sure when I'll get back there, but you better believe that I will. And next time, I'm bringing more of my kiddos with me.  I'm not sure I can go to Vietnam again without bringing Jude.  He says he wants me to take to his "home."  There's no way I'm gonna be able to say no to that next time.  And Patch too has so much to gain and give from going.  And I pretty sure I couldn't stop Livy if I tried. 

Anywho, we did leave a little puffy eyed and trekked off to see a bit more of this amazing country.  

Our next destination was Halong Bay in northern Vietnam. Not seeing Halong Bay was a huge regret that I had when we visited there last time and I was not going to miss it again. We took a 2 day cruise in Halong Bay aboard this gorgeous junk.  There were about 15 passengers on board and we got to go kayaking and see an amazing floating fishing village (next post)

This is Livy in our cabin.  It was way smaller than it looks here.  The beds were the width of an air mattress and the space between them too small to put our very small bags. Note to self when looking at pics on the internet of houses-16mm does wonderful things to make a room look much bigger than it is.  
This is our boat above.  Or maybe it was a ship?  I think technically it's a junk.
When does a boat become a ship any way?
It was worth every single sweat drop that I expired in the 90 degree heat with 85-90% humidity!


  1. That is so beautiful! Yes, I think we need to find a way for you to go back with all of the other kiddos! So happy you had this opportunity to go and spend time with the children os St. An and Livy. I don't think I would have left without shedding a tear or too. If Vietnam were an option, my husband and I would be over there in a heart beat. While I am kind of done with babies, I would love to add a child in the 4-6 range to fit between my son Roman and the little girls. Thank you for sharing your trip. I love seeing all the photos.

  2. Your pictures just STIRS MY SOUL!! Pic #6, I just stared at!! It was a little opening at the bottom. Do ships/boats pass thru there or is the opening "smaller than it appears" the room pics?

    1. It was a big opening, like these little boats could go under NO problem at all. A few wide too.

  3. Our real estate agent used 16mm on our pantry when we sold the house. As a photographer, I couldn't help but get a good laugh out of our tiny pantry that you cannot step into becoming a large butlers pantry. Same goes for our closet space.
    I cannot even imagine how incredibly difficult it must have been to leave St. An's. We went on a weeklong, short term missions trip last fall to Mongolia. Our star athlete, popular, cool (or so they think) teen sons were literally bawling. It was difficult leaving the kids we had spent time with. When we travel to China for our daughter, we plan to stop by Mongolia beforehand. I have a feeling our hearts will always be there. <3
    Praying for you & Liv.


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