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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Escalators {or how we almost died}

***in reality, as this posts, we are now traveling back home. I've left a piece of my heart at St. An's and in Vietnam.  But there are so many stories to tell and pictures to share.  Sp please bare with me while I  let the blog stay in Vietnam for a while longer yet, and pretend we're still there, sweating profusely, eating unidentifiable things, listening to the constant horn honking and loving every minute of it.***

At one point during our field trip, we found ourselves in a shopping mall, and needed to take an escalator down.  All seemed to be be going swimmingly until it was time for the children in the lead to step on the escalator.  Silly us had forgotten that these children had never been on an escalator and had no idea how to get on.  The ones in the front abruptly stopped short and a pileup happened behind them.  I was about 3 people deep from the front.  The children behind got anxious to go on the escalator and the pushing started.  Thankfully we were able persuade the children in front to step on before anyone toppled down the stairs.  Several of the children cried on the way down, only to turn around and immediately go right back up.
As a group or almost 35-ish people, and much to dismay of the mall security, we rode up and down several times before continuing on our journey.

The escalator rides will absolutely hand's down be one of the highlights of my trip. 

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