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Monday, May 19, 2014

Warning... cuteness overload!

Yes he was really tiny!  The strawberry here was medium-ish sized.  
Even though we live in the city, we have bunnies all over our front yard.  Cottontails to be specific.  One of those strange collisions of nature where the city grew so fast and nature just ended up being right in the middle of it all. Not just bunnies, but coyotes, quail, hawks, owls, roadrunners and we even saw a bobcat just a block up the street.  When I drive home there's usually 1 or 2 cottontails on the lawn, scampering away if I get too close.  It's one of the things that always makes me nostalgic for a more rural life. 

Patch and Liv were leaving the house last week and stumbled upon some birds attacking a very little baby bunny.  They scared the birds off, and although the bunny was alive, the poor thing didn't look good.  At all!  Being raised a country girl I had attempted to nurse many dying wild animals back to heath, only to have them die in a shoebox.   So my knee jerk reaction was to return him to the wild (outdoor in the front yard that is) and see if he could survive, but likely let the poor thing die in his natural environment and spare my children the sadness of it all.  But Livy had other ideas and swooped into nursemaid for the poor thing.  It was surely over 100 degrees in the sun when they found the bunny, and she gave him water with a syringe.  The kept him in a shoebox through the night. The next morning he seemed more alert but his back end was completely paralyzed.  Over the next couple days somehow he got stronger, amazingly regained the use of his little legs, and made a full recovery! 
But this little baby is a wild animal.  As much as my children pleaded, begged and negotiated, he is still a wild animal and needed to be back in the wild.  A really really really cute wild animal.  Possibly the cutest one that ever existed!  But a wild animal nevertheless that needed to be returned. 
So with the advice of the wild animal rescue, we did just that.  Returned him to our front yard.  Compete with the shoe box Liv had kept him in, a bowl of water, which we still fill regularly. We were all a bit sad to see him go.  I honestly don't think I'd seen anything quite that cute in a long while.  
It has been a few days since we let him go, and we still see him about once a day in the front yard... still in the vicinity of his shoebox.  
Fingers crossed for him!


  1. Yes - that could be the cutest thing I have seen in a while too! So so cute.
    I love him in the tea cup :)

  2. What a great story! Cutest bunny ever, and the pics are amazing.

  3. awww ... Wonder if I could keep a bunny in my 2-bdr parisian flat?!

  4. Oh my goodness, Nancy, this is just too cute for words!!! I'm pretty sure every one of your readers wants a baby bunny now. Love Liv's fingernail polish too!

  5. Oh my goodness, Nancy, that is just too cute for words!!! Love Liv's fingernail polish too.

  6. TeaCup. That should be his name. He so cute!

  7. I DIE!!! I seriously can't handle this amount of adorable. ;) Sooo cute!

  8. OMG!! I can't STAND the cuteness!! Excuse while I step away from the computer and melt into a puddle of SQUEALS!!!

  9. I may have commented twice! Yes....this picture is THAT ADORABLE!!


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