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Sunday, May 25, 2014

May 25-ish #Ihavenoideawhatdayitisanymore

I'm going to keep this as short as long-winded me can.  I am so tired.  Forgive me if this jumps around incoherently.

I should introduce you to these two, Dawn and Lynn, our traveling companions.  You might be seeing a lot of them in the pics.  We're good friends in real life, they are big travelers, so I knew they'd be perfect for this trip.
They are sisters.
Twin sisters.
Identical twin sisters.
Just cause I didn't want anyone to pay me any attention at all while we were here, I asked them along.  It's working just as I planned.
Strangely, Dawn seems to be a rock star. Maybe it's because she's an inch taller than her twin or has curly hair in this humidity unlike her twin. Whatever it is, she is a star and gets asked to take her pic all the time since we've arrived.

Anyway we traveled by van 2-3 hours to St. An's.  The 15 passenger van, even with only 7 of us in it, was packed with donations... formula, lots and lots of vitamins, and so so much that we got pulled over!  But when the police officer saw that it was formula and supplies for the children, we were quickly on our way.

We made a pit stop for some munchies here.
When we  arrived we were shown to our rooms (which have air conditioning!  It's making life bearable and is such a huge relief after being in the heat all day!) and given some cold drinks and snacks.  Tracy, the frozen yogurt (not to be confused with frozen yogurt ice cream.  Just frozen yogurt yogurt.) has quickly become my favorite too!  They told me it was yours, so I'm eating it in your honor.
There was a "show" being given by some of the local sponsors here at St. An's.  They donated lots of needed supplies and money, and we got the benefit of seeing a show.
Then we had dinner with all the children and Sisters and Father Joseph.  No western food here.  At all.  Not that we thought there would be.  Whole shrimp.  Eaten whole that is, heads, legs, shells and all.  Fish.  Greens.  Rice.  Some types of egg dish.  Not sure if it's polite to photograph dinner.
Then we rocked the infants to sleep.  There are 8 babies here under 6-ish months.  And played with the toddlers.  And were pulled and jostled more than I've ever been pulled or jostled by the 4-6-ish year olds till we snuck to our rooms.
More tomorrow.  We're just getting the lay of the land.


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