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Monday, May 26, 2014

I know the real reason y'all are here...

It's not my self-absorbed ramblings
or rehashing our amazing once-in-a-lifetime trip
or the fabulous folks we're traveling with
or how I'm so hot that I have rashes in place no rashes should be
or that I've eating some pretty strange unidentifiable foods recently

It's to see the children.  So let's just cut to the chance and show you some of their perfectly made wonderfulness.  I'm really really tired so this is gonna work out well for both of us.

But first I have a favor to ask...
Could you help me do something I've been doing pretty much non-stop since I got here?  Could you pick one out, and say a little prayer specifically for that child?  Maybe it's randomly the 14th one from the top.  Or the first one wearing something orange.  Or maybe one just seems to look into your eyes and says pick me please.  You may not know if it's a boy or a girl, or what challenge he may be facing, how old she is or what brought him to St An's... but these little ones (and some not so little anymore) could use it.
They are divine.
They are perfectly made.
They are beloved treasures.
They have hope and promise.


  1. Does every child at St. An's have special needs?
    Sending prayers to the second little guy from the top. <3 Give him a hug for me.

    1. Dear Anonymous, No not all of them are special needs. Only about 20-25 of the 90-ish children here are special needs. The little guy you're sending prayers too, does have special needs, limb differences, cleft lip/palate and some others things too. He a very nice boy and endearing, wanting to be close to us... oh yea... and he love the orange Tic Tacs I keep in my pocket! Thank you for your prayers!

  2. Dearest Nancy, rest and we will be your prayer warriors tonight.

  3. HUGS for you, Liv, your friends, and each and everyone one of those kiddos! I will happily pray for one!

  4. My little girls will make a special prayer for the last baby in your series, because, as my youngest pointed out, "she looks sad". But we also pray for all of them. And, for all the orphans from our country too. Like the children from Vietnam, the Romanian orphans don't have many chances for the future and our government have no intention to open international adoption.

  5. Not religious here, but each of the children make me think that they are just beautiful. They all just catch me and I just keep staring at them, thinking about them and hoping that your stay there will make their life a little better. Be the sunshine for these kids........ give them hope and give them days to remember, which I'm sure you will do!

    1. Anonymous, that you so so very much for your kind words. I hope we make a difference. But it so grand in comparison to a soccer mom's smile. But maybe the smile and the hugs and rocking and bubble blowing... will make a difference in some way.

  6. What beautiful children! Sending prayers for all the children.

    <3 Ash

  7. Oh those sweet faces....praying for each of them and for you xoxo

  8. Thanks, Nancy, for taking us with you on your journey. My wife and me, we've got 3 kids and we are in our mid40ies, both thinking, that adopting a child is to risky for people of our age.

    But after seeing your pictures maybe I can persuade my wife to adopt a little soul.

    Greetings from Munich,

  9. They are all so beautiful! Makes me mad that politics is getting in the way from getting these children forever families. Praying!!!

  10. I couldn't pick just one! Sending lots of prayers for them and you!

  11. I am in tears looking at their endearing faces, I am sending my prayers to all of them, and I intend to donate to this orphanage frequently in the future. Thank you for being there to make their days brighter with your love, and devotion.

  12. oh to look in these precious faces and see a glimmer of hope, a look of sadness, a look of triumph, A shy smile just makes my heart leap with both sadness and complete gladness. Sad that they don't have a family to love on them, kiss them goodnight, hold them when they are hurt, or afraid. Glad that just having you and the many endearing souls that take time out of their lives to spread sunshine completely on another side of the world and not do it for self-gratification but pure LOVE for this orphaned beauties. Praying and uplifting for all pictured above.


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