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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Good morning Vietnam!

We made it!
The constant bustle of city and the honking horns made all the memories come flooding back. It's just liked I'd remembered and hoped!
We've picked up formula and have lots or supplies and are on our way tot the orphanage.  Not sure about the internet connection down there.  Fingers  crossed I'll be able to keep you updated.


  1. Oh memories!!! I think many of us would love to be with you right now. Give everything a mental hug from me!!

  2. Good luck and God bless! We expect lots of pics!

  3. I couldn't wait to see the next post. Oh, how I miss that place!!! Soak it up and thanks for letting me live vicariously for the upcoming days.

  4. Oh the memories!! Thanks for letting us share. SO JEALOUS!!

  5. Oh thank you for transporting me half way around the globe! Yay for an internet connection. Fingers and toes crossed it continues. :)

  6. We adopted Ava and Payton-Grace right before VietNam closed their doors to international adoption. I'm thinking of taking my older daughters there with Project Being There.

    Sending prayers and hug your way!

  7. Oh, thank you so much for checking in! So glad you are there!

  8. Stay safe and shine the light of Christ's love to the children at St. An. <3


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