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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fieldtrip #1 {in which we take 3 boys for ice cream}

***There are so so so many things I want to show you about St. An's and Project Being There's work there.  Thus the daily posts.  At this point we needed to say goodbye to the children that we forever be a part of our hearts.  But in bloggyland we'll be at the orphanage for a while yet while I continue to share the stories so y'all can get a feel for the place.  It is place that has left me a different me.  I am forever changed.***

On this afternoon we planned to take 3 of the special needs boys for ice cream.  It's just up the street a couple of blocks.  The handsome young man in orange is pretty high functioning downs. His best buddy is the young man with the turquoise pants.  I'm no medical clinician, but I'd guess that the other two boys might have had some type of brain damage. 

See the full bright sun?  Did I mention it was hot?  Like I'm from Arizona where it regularly gets to 115 degrees and this hot knocked my socks off.  I'll take a dry heat over this 85-90 degree with 90% humidity any day!
We got so funny looks as we passed through the neighborhood.  I'm not sure if it was the sweaty Americans or the special need's boys that were drawing the attention.  Probably both.  But it's okay.  Special need's people are viewed differently here.  Not capable.  And I can only think that it's a good thing for them to be out in the community a bit doing regular ol' stuff... like going out for ice cream. 
This is the little ice cream shop.  And by shop I mean someone has a freezer in the front of their open-air living room and a stack of plastic chairs if you want to grab one and sit down.  
Liv worked with challenged young people everyday in school.  She pretty comfortable with them... truth be told even more comfortable than I am.  So this is what she does without any prompting.  To say my heart is bursting with pride while watching her on this trip is an understatement. 

Coincidentally it just happened to be the last day of school and all the school kids were coming home from school.  They each had to take their chair home. Thus the red stools they each have. 
This young man (he's really not a boy at all.  He has facial hair.  I'd guess in his early 20's) has a completely flat affect.  Not emotions.  No speech.  He was pretty aloof when we first got there.  I was behind the group a bit, and he wrapped his arm around Dawn and they walked arm-in-arm the whole way back.  And I'm pretty sure I cried a little right then for seeing another ordinary miracle.  


  1. Tears of pride for you, oh my goodness what a beautiful thing your dd has, what a gift! Totally wish i was with you all on this trip, i late to see pics, but they are wonderful and what a story they tell.
    hugs to you and your girl.....


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