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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Blessings in the desert

We live in the desert.
Many folks assume that means lots of sand and snakes and cacti. And ya, some of that is very true. But if you know how to look, and just where to go, the desert is full of life.  And in the spring especially it's really quite green!
We took the kiddos down to the river this weekend just to get out of the city and be together.  No real plan except Granny Smith apples, brie, cuties, prosciutto and a baguette of bread.  We don't take advantage of this part of the desert nearly enough, and we always come away saying we should do it more often.  How is it that life starts to spin by so fast that we forget what's right under our nose?  
I want to be more present in the moment and savor the little miracles all around.  But sometimes, too often, most of the time I find myself completely wrapped up in wake up, laundry, errands, dinner, go to bed, repeat.  Day in and day out. I know first hand that children grow and leave in a blink of an eye.  One moment they're in kindergarten and writing you love notes with crayons, and the next their wearing scrubs in nursing school in a whole 'nother state.  
This little trip to the desert made me stop and realize how amazingly lucky we are.  It's all too easy to not stop and think about that. We are together.  We are healthy.  With the exception of a timeout or two (or twenty) we are happy and enjoy being together.  Not everyone can say that.  We can, and I don't want life to swirl by so quickly that I take that for granted.

Speaking of timeouts... Jude wasn't too happy at this specific moment.
Handsome?  Yes.
Happy?  No.
Patch even found a spot of his own to work on his Rubik's Cube.  When did those things come back anyway?  There is one in his hands nearly at all times these days. Me thinks busy hands are a good thing.
So today I'm thanking the desert for slowing life down and reminding me what's really important.
Just us.
Just right now right here.
But time passes and right now I'm back to the cycle of wake up, laundry, errands, dinner, go to bed, repeat.  Okay if I'm being specific it's more like wake up, visas, try to start packing, update my tetanus shot, parent-teacher conference, 5th grade band concert, Subway for dinner, go to bed, repeat.
Now if I can only savor this moment as much as my time in the desert!


  1. Beautiful photos! Those breaks from the every day routine are so nice! Oh, and we had subway for dinner last night, too. :)

  2. I know too often I do not take the time you savor the moments. My little one is growing too fast and I need to stop and just be with her.
    Gorgeous photos and I can't wait to see Vietnam through your photographer's eye!

  3. Oh Nancy, I love this post and I LOVE these photos!!!! It looks so beautiful there!! And yes Jude is SO handsome even when he is not happy!!

  4. Heading to china later in the month to get little miss. I have the 35mm f/1.4 and canon 7D. Our agency that partnerships with her orphanage said that they know of many families who would love more pictures of their kids waiting for them. So, I plan on taking pics of as many kiddos as possible.
    I'm using the china trip as an excuse for a new lens. Which lens would be good (other than the 35mm) for that purpose?

    Thanks a million


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