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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A look around St. An's

Too pooped to write much.
But here is a look at St. An's, or at least the bits I've seen of it.  It's kinda a compound with many buildings.
Liv in our dormitory room.  It has air conditioning!
Our breakfast room.  We eat lunch and dinner with the children, Sisters and Father, but us foreigners like breakfast a little later than 6am, so we eat the first meal of the day here instead. 
A few of the 4-6 year olds outside their rooms.  
The doorway of the toddler room.  The vast majority of them can (and do) hop that gate in a nano second!
LOTS of laundry, all done by hand
This is where the Sisters do laundry, by hand with water from a pond.  You can see the clothes lines hanging in the back and the round tubs where they wash.  
A common area for the older kids. This day they were watching a movie. 
The big girl's room.  Desks in the middle for studying.  LOTS of studying!
I think this is the boy's room
Of course there is a LOT of this at every turn!  This is just outside the toddler room.  The adorable little smiler in the middle is about 5-ish  years old I'd guess and deaf.  Project Being There is trying to get her enrolled in a school for the deaf.  She stays with the toddlers for now.  Hopefully school will happen for her, and she'll gain some communication skills.  The little boy on the right is 3 years old, and a VERY confident little guy!  He showed off his break dancing moves last night!  The little guy on the left, I've nicknamed Sherman because he's built like a tank!
The above 2 pics show the infant room.  It's a very small room, only about the width or 2 cots plus a tiny walkway in between.  And it's the only room for the children that has air conditioning.  There are 8 babies living here right now. very very soon to be 9.   At night their is one specific Sister that sleeps with the infants.  She is one of the older nuns here.  They push the cots together, put 3-4 babies on each side, throw a blanket over the ridge in the middle and she sleep between them with her hands outstretched to calm them when need be.  
Yes, she is a saint of a woman. 
The bigger kiddos are frequently in the littler kiddos room helping out.  This isn't a posed pic.  They are just loving on their family.  
The Sisters, Father and older kids are called to prayer 3X per day.  This is their little chapple.  I've only joined them once, but now that I've got it figured out and know they don't mind me there, I hope to go more often.  


  1. Can I take the girl in the yellow polo home! I know I can't but wish they would open Vietnam. What a loving heart your daughter has to choose to go here for her trip. You did a good job in raising her!

  2. Oh my goodness - Nancy, these photos are amazing. Wow. I know you must be exhausted. Praying for an extra push of strength for you and Liv. Love you ladies!

  3. Nancy this pictures are astounding!! The children, the buildings, the church. Oh are capturing the essence of it all . I was looking at the cots and noticed the small thin mats for a mattress.:( Still these babies thrive and smile through it all. I can't thank you enough for sharing you and Livi's journey to Vietnam.


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