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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Now that March is officially over...

...I thought what better time to finally post St. Patrick's Day photos!

I mean that holiday is long forgotten by now. Folks have moved on to Easter at this point, and all the shamrocks and pinching is a forgotten memory by now!  So what I great time to post my now completely irrelevant St. Patty's day photos!
I never let a little thing like completely inappropriate timing stop me!
So here they are.

I come from a very small extended family, and we're very lucky that that family all lives within the state.  Our home is centrally located and is a great meeting place for holidays.  We don't "do" all the holidays.  Only the important ones... like St. Patrick's Day of course.  It's a big deal for us!  Corned beef, cabbage, soda bread, lots of green... and a pinata of course.  'Cause what's an Anglo Saxon holiday completely American born holiday without a Mexican tradition thrown in?!
The irony of the "Kiss me I'm Irish" shirts is not lost on me.  I couldn't resist.
It's a warped sense of humor.

Coming soon, Easter pics in July.


  1. I am a professional photographer of fifteen years, and so your classes would not be a good fit for me. Would you, however, consider hosting weekend workshops? I love workshops and have heard nothing but wonderful feedback on your classes.

    1. Funny you should mention that, Kayla! Let's talk!
      Could you contact me? I don't have any way to get in touch with you.

  2. Just popped you an email!


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