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Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Her skirt matches his hair...

... Did you plan that?"
That's what Liv asked me when she saw these pics.
Ummmm, no.  But it certainly does match doesn't it!
My friend, Kate and I are still getting together regularly and scouring the city for new-to-us photography locations.
This is where we stumbled last.  Downtown.  Urban city.  It was bright and colorful and gritty and lots of fun all the way around!
I love the dirt on his face!

PS - before I forget, I'm looking for some kiddos to shoot in this specific location.  I'd love to find a family with 2-3 kiddos, and I'm cutting my rate by more than half for one family to shoot here.  Are you interested?  Please "share" this post via Facebook or pass this on if you know a family that might be interested in a very discounted shoot in this urban location.
In the course of the friendship I've forged with Kate, another friendship has formed between our two littles.
Mimi and Riley.
Riley is a year younger than Mimi, but several inches taller.  And he calls her My Mimi. She gets excited to see him too!  Kate and I have been thinking it's our little version of Ebony and Ivory, with our own personal twist.
And just in case you're wondering if our petite little gal can hold her own in a world that's going to be larger than herself..
here she is letting Riley know who's the boss in this new relationship.  See I told you, they're friends... in every way!
That pic just cracks me up!  Ya, I laugh at myself.  And my children.  That's how I roll.
Ya we're total dorks because we even took turn taking pics of each other too!  Kate, thank you for capturing these pics of me!  I think they will be my favorite pics of myself of all time!
For every occasion I confirm that I am not a city girl, and that happens a LOT, I turn around and discover a new reason that I love this big ol' city!


  1. You two are so lucky to have found each other...I've been following you both for a few years now :) Riley and Mimi sure are adorable together!

    1. I am so so blessed to be her mama! Thank you, Khristenas

  2. I just love our walks together! I am so thankful for you!


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