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Monday, April 14, 2014

Date night with our son

I'm gonna toot my own horn here a wee bit.
We have a lot of kiddos.
And one thing that we very intentionally do because we have a lot of kiddos is to spend special one-on-one time with them.  Of course this is something that we'd do even if we didn't have a lot of kiddos.  But since we do, it's something that we need to be especially intentional about, or it can be forgotten and slip away.  Does anyone remember that old saying Quality not quantity time is what counts. I agree that quality time is with our children is good, but honestly quantity time is really stinkin' important too.

Usually date night with the kiddos isn't extravagant. Each child has certain things that they like to do.  And we make sure that they get to do them with us.  Sometimes just one parent.  Sometimes both.  But just one kiddo and mom and/or dad and some time to connect and be together.
Sunny and I used to cook together and do crafting projects when she was still here.  ***sigh***
Liv loves to get pedicures and lunch dates.
Patch is athletic and dinners after his track meets are a fave right now as is hiking and camping.
Boo is my movie buddy.  I just saw the new Captain America movie with him!
Tess is happy doing just about anything one-on-one but going to the dollar store and picking out something... anything... is her heaven.
Mimi... well she's the one that's still not in school so one-on-one time abounds for her. Books, reading time, crafts, cooking, coloring... golly if that child is helping in anyway she's beaming from ear to ear.
This weekend we surprised Jude with a date night.   Tess went to spend the weekend at her grandparents and Jude was feeling especially down.   Not that we need to spend money to cheer him up, but we wanted to do something special, and for Jude baseball is really really special!
We bought Jude his first D-back t-shirt and we had peanuts.  We listened for the crack of the bat, and we talked about the plays.  We cuddled as he got tired in the 8th inning.
And even though it was an awful game, the D-Backs lost badly, it was a fabulous night with our son!

What are your favorite "dates" with your kiddos?


  1. I have very special memories of my Dad taking me to see a ballet as a little girl. I felt so special! I bet that's how Jude felt. I'm not a parent yet but I hope I can do the same for my own children one day.

  2. Oh how sweet. We have had to find free things to do with the kids lately so walking to the park has been a big thing with us and each of the kids. Snapping pics and dancing together has been a big thing with the girls. My teen is just happy sitting and talki with me, spilling out joke.

  3. As a mother to eight, I definitely have to make time for "date nights". Three days per month, my husband and I each take a child on a "date" while one of the bigs babysits. For two of my kids, it's gelato. My daughter likes pedicures too (unless its with daddy. Then she likes gelato ;). My second grade girl likes it if I read to her. My 10 yo son enjoys tennis. My oldest daughter and I try to stay at a hotel a few nights per year and just have mommy-daughter (should I say mom-daughter? She gets embarrassed whenever I use the word "mommy") time. My eldest son runs with my husband. I might be leaving a child out. I'm too tired to go back and figure out which child I am missing. (it's justifiable to forget a kid)

    1. Okay that made me laugh! Glad I'm not the only one that has trouble counting to 7. Or 8. I LOVE the idea of overnighters! gonna have to steal that one. thank you!


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