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Monday, March 17, 2014

Phoenix Art Museum with kids

My spring break plan to do "a lot of sweet nothing" totally backfired.  I mean it sounded awesome going in, and actually Monday was awesome.   Tuesday was even okay.  But as the week rolled on, the kiddos got bored and turned on each other.  I mean if we were the cannibalistic type, there would have been limbs missing by Thursday.  I ended up with a disaster of a home, Lego's everywhere, a dog with half a mohawk, and a really short fuse.  So when my amazing and wonderful mother-in-law called as asked about getting out of the house, I jumped.   Because missing limbs should be avoided if possible.

Yeah, you read that right.  One of our dogs currently has half a mohawk.  It's not good.  Poor thing looks like he has the manage.  But in a moment of weakness, like Wednesday, I said okay, and like I said, things were getting desperate!

So I gathered up the 4 littlest ones... because rousing teenagers at 9:00am on spring break is only something that people who are truly strong of mind and body should attempt.  And by Friday I had developed a twitch giving further evidence of my weakness.  So they got to sleep in.
So with my wonderful mother-in-law we went on an adventure.  We started off on the Metro Light Rail which the little ones were pretty sure was just like Disneyland.  Honestly, we could have ridden back and forth all day, and they would have been happy.
But instead, we hopped off the train at the Phoenix Art Museum.  I was a bit nervous taking the little ones to an art museum, especially since my children don't appreciate quiet places at all... and because I only have 2 hands. So I practiced all the ways I could say No touching, and Please be quiet while Granna bought the tickets.
No touching.
Keep your hands in your pockets.
Don't touch that.
No, you can't go there.
Hold my hand now, please.
No yelling, please.
Don't go there.
Hey, let's play the whisper game, okay?
Yes, you need to stay with me.   All the time.
Please watch where you're walking.
No running.
It shouldn't have been surprising that we ALL really enjoyed the visit to the art museum as much as the train ride.  We quickly discovered that as long as we kept the pace pretty fast and let the kids take the lead, we were golden.
Ansel Adams
All at break neck speed was the order of the day.
We had an amazing lunch at the museum complete with macaroni and cheese with truffle oil that was SO good.  I may or may not have helped one or more of the kiddos finish their lunch.  
Then we hopped back on the light rail to our car with 3 very tired little ones.
I was a little bit worried about taking 1 11 year old, 2 6 years olds, and 1 3 year old to the art museum.  But in hindsight I really shouldn't have been.  It was a special day with my mother-in-law and my children, and I'm so so so glad that she called me and we just went for it. It was a visit that I'd like to do again.  Soon!  And I'm sure that the kiddos would love it again too!


  1. this post made my stomach ache, with (loving) envy at how badly i've been wanting to drive down with the kids to the art museum. mateo even asks me every once in awhile about the dark room with the twinkle lights. i love it so much. thanks for sharing. and amazing photos, as always.

    1. Pamela, the lightening bug room was their very favorite! Boo remembered it and it was so excited to show it to his younger brother and sisters! I was amazed that I was able to get any pics in there. As you know, it's much darker than it appears here. We should meet there some day... really. Bring Sarah too.

  2. LOVE these!!! Especially the first one. Awesome perspective!!!

    My only complaint.... NO PICTURE OF THE DOG??????? Totally dying here to see his haircute!!! :)


  3. Like the teenagers, I can't humiliate the dog TOO much in such a public format. OR I don't want to embarrass myself. It's one of those two things for sure!

  4. Sounds like ya'll had an awesome day! Glad you went for it, and it worked out so well.

    Poor dog. :(

  5. What do you get a 16 year old for his birthday that doesn't cost too much? My nephew won't tell his parents what he wants. I sure don't have that problem with my daughters. :) Heck, I have the opposite of that problem.
    Thought you might have an idea since you are super-mom!


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