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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lip balm for the non-girly girl

If you've been perusing this blog a while you know I'm not a girly girl.  Advanced techniques like high heels and accessorizing still baffle me.  And you probably also know that this blog is just about as far as it gets from beauty tips.  If stumbled here for the fashion and beauty tips, you've long since left.  But sometimes I just gotta pass on the good stuff!

I'll start off by saying that Revlon has no clue who I am.  I really just want to pass on a little teeny that has worked for me recently.  Nothing earth shattering.

Lip gloss.  Or is it lip balm?  Lipstick?  See, I don't even know the lingo!
I'm pretty much a Chapstick gal.  And not the cherry-flavored one or the the fancy blue extra-moisturizing one either.  I like my Chapstick waxy and straight.  You know the one?  Black baby.  It's the only kind for me.  But is certainly doesn't make me feel like a girl.

Then when Sunny visited for Thanksgiving, she left behind her lip gloss in a very bright hot pink color.  She can pull that kind of thing off!  For fun, Liv put some on Mimi (who is also totally a girly girl) and the next morning when Mimi woke up, the hot pink tint was still on her lips!  Amazingly that silly stuff stayed on her lips for over 24 hours!
So the next time I was at the store I checked it out.  ('Cause like I said, I'm not a girly girl and going to a fancy beauty store just isn't in my work flow.)  It's by Revlon, costs $8.99, and that's in my parsimonious beauty budget.  It's actually lip stain.  I think what I really like about it is that it's really lightweight feeling on my lips but lasts most all day.  Not heavy at all!  And there's a bit of menthol in it too so it feels good.  Honestly it feels a lot like Chapstick.
I've been collecting different colors ever since.  My fave is Honey Douce since it's light and an everyday pretty pink color.  But a date night calls for something a bit more dramatic like Adore Adoree, my runner up fave color.
So she missed her lips a bit.  She's a beauty no matter where she puts the lip gloss!Forgive the dirty mirror pic.  And yeah, she's wearing the Halloween dress again... still.  

Like I said, nothing earth shattering.  But I've even been wearing it without makeup and really feeling pretty good with the results!  Hope you like it as much as I do!


  1. You look amazing!! <3 I don't like to wear makeup either, it messes up my skin. I use mascara sometimes and similar stuff as yours for the lips. :)

  2. My 15 year old turned me on to that Revlon stuff and I LOVE it too! I want to try that honey color you mentioned. That's the hardest part--picking a color!

    1. Oh that honey color is my FAVE! It's perfect for me and just plain ol' everyday wearing. There's another lighter one too that they were out of that I will try next.

  3. My daughter introduced me to this lip product and I love it! I want to try that honey color you mentioned. That's the hardest part for me--picking a color!

  4. Thank you so much!! I can never find a decent everyday lip color that actually feels good on my lips. I went out & got this (cause you suggested it!) & I LOVE it!! Thanks again!!!


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