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Monday, February 24, 2014

Together Called

Philadelphia train station.  I remembered how much I LOVE train stations and could photographer there forever!  There are a few more on Instagram.  
Papa and I traveled via literally planes, trains and automobiles to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and spent the a long weekend at Together Called, a conference offered by Sparrow Fund.  It was a Christian conference just for adoptive parents to come together and re-connect and support one another in the special challenges that come with growing a family via adoption.

Summing it up, I'll just say this:  This weekend totally ROCKED!

We worshipped.
We talked.
We connected.
We cried.
We felt His hand upon us.
We held one another.
We laughed... a lot.
We learned tons!
We came away lifted up.
We prayed.
We met so so many families that have walked in our shoes and "get it."
We put new tools in our parenting tool box.
We learned to trust a bit more.
We came away feeling rejuvenated!
And we made so many new friends in the process!

You know, most of the time, our family sticks out like a sore thumb.  We get that.  We're big.  We're loud and we don't all "match."  But this weekend we gathered with a whole bunch of other folks that were just like us.  As fellow adoptive families they understood many of our unique issues and a lot of the times there were no answers to these problems except to say Oh yea, that happens to us too.  And for me, that was the best part.

I'll add that I am NOT a public speaker.  I just do not do it.  I get weak in the knees and nauseous and took a couple F's in college rather than submit myself to such anxiety.  But last fall Kelly asked us if Papa and I would lead a small group and tell our story.  And I'm not sure what I was thinking but without hesitation I said yes!  I really wanted to say a few things about this journey that is adoption and forgot my deathly fear of public speaking!  I wanted to share our story, the good, the bad and the ugly of it so folks would know they aren't alone in the path of adoption.  I wanted them to know that the greatest joy is walking the path, and in the end I am the lucky one!

So with Papa by my side, not only did I {almost completely but not quite} conquer my fear of public speaking, (we were expect about 20 people, and ended up with almost 40!  I was a nervous wreck!)  but I think we did okay.  At least that's what folks told us when we were done.   We told them how hard it was and about many of the mistakes we made along the way.  And we told them it's okay to make mistakes because we actually aren't in this alone.  And we told of our joy about how freakin' amazing it is to come out the other side!

Did I mention we got to meet Angie from A Blog Full of WeldonsKelly from My Overthinking, Johanna from Stop for Flowers, and Amber from Bumbers Bumblings.  Oh yes I did and that was pretty cool too!

Kelly & Mark, you two are just such an inspiration to me personally.  You aren't afraid to be obedient and dream big!  I wanna be like you when I grow up!

Papa and I are already hoping to go to the conference again next year.


  1. 2014 looks like a year of traveling for you! Have fun!

    1. Ya, it's weird. I really don't hardly go anywhere. And now I see that I'm getting quite a few miles under my belt! It's odd.

  2. So fun! And I'm a bit jealous about who you met....and the fact that they got to meet you too! Not fair.

  3. So great to meet you---just wish it hadn't been as we were all walking away (or you running to a taxi!)!

  4. Nancy, love this recap! We loved our weekend, too! Hey, we have a thread going on The Sparrow Fund's FB page for people to add their Together Called posts to. Wanna go add yours to it? Hope all well with you!


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