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Thursday, February 6, 2014

In the order that it happened...

...this is the stuff I want to remember.

Nothing special.

And yet oh so special.

Just plain 'ol life.
I'm off to San Diego to meet and learn from the amazingly talented Blue Lily this weekend!  They are a husband wife team that travel the country world with their kiddos capturing amazing images of families and children as they go!  Can. Not. Wait. to soak up all the have to offer!
Yeah, I'll be the geeky re-entry student with the list of questions!
(And evidently throwing exclamation points willy nilly on the end of every single sentence!)


  1. Oh my... the little sneak peak I got did not prepare me.. WOW.. I love the moments you captured.. those everyday life moments that are in one way of thinking nothing special, but in reality they are very special. The pruney toes, the soapy smiles, the peace of floating in the water (I wish I had a bathtub big enough to do this as an adult!!). You have captured it well! I can't wait for you to come back and tell us all about the awesome workshop!!!

  2. So excited for you! Yeah! Love these photos! She is precious!


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