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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Gotta show 'em off!

I can honestly say that when teaching and photography joined hands in my life, I had a light bulb moment.  I found something I had been craving for a very long time and felt so right and truly me.  I have always been the person in the room who will share every trick and tip with anyone that will listen.  The phone number of my awesome plumber.  How to get a microwave clean in hot second.  How to sterilize baby toys.  But then photography and my other lover camera entered my life.  And when I started teaching others what has truly been a huge blessing in my life, it felt like I found my place and it kinda took on a whole life of it's own.  

Since my first guinea pigs students, (Hi Melissa, Lisa-Marie and Erin!) I've had almost 200 more students, and I can honestly say it is just a wonderfully fulfilling and amazing process for me to see these amazing women (well mostly women, and there have been a few men too) of all ages, walks of life, and parts of the globe as far away as China and New Zealand, learn how to capture their own ordinary miracles all around them.  I am honored that they have chosen me to be their instructor.  

And sometimes I can not help but show off their amazing skills.  This is just a small sample of the student's work.  The work below was done mostly by students who have completed both my classes in beginning photography and beginning editing.

***read to the bottom for class information***

This photo is by Kathleen who makes me wonder why all my photos aren't in black and white. 
This one is by Amy, and I insisted it be blown up on canvas for her home.  I'm packing up my home and moving to a place that has lighthouses as soon as I finish this post. 
See, I told you they were A. Ma. Zing!  This is Senni's Little Miss.  Decked out in her pink and snowflakes and more pink.  I do love snow.  Or at least looking at it.  On my computer.  From the desert.  
Christy took this pic of her daughter, and it makes me dream of all things girly and wonderful  Sleeping children just kill me every time!
I don't even know where to start with Kristin's photo.  The perspective?  The colors?  The crisp focus?  Oh yea baby!  All that!
Chrystal has my favorite pic of this year's snow storms.  I love love love this image in black and white and how you can see the flakes in the air!
Next is Dana's daughter who has me thinking I'm going to wear purple nail polish for the rest of my life.  And purple head bands of course.  Dana has developed some awesome skills for portrait photography and this pic is evidence of that!
Lisa-Marie is one of my very first students, and it has been a HUGE blessing to me to watch her skills grow.  Her images of San Francisco transport me to another place.
This image by Marianne is just so so dreamy and wonderful.  I want pics just like this of all my children.  I'm pretty sure this one will be on the photo montage when she gets married, right Marianne?
I've had the privilege of watching Liz's daughter grow in a couple classes now.  I'm pretty sure this young lady is the next Elizabeth Taylor.  Liz seems to be able to capture the essence of her in her wonderful photos!
When I saw this pic of Jennifer's daughter I fell off my chair.  Just after I got totally entranced by those big brown eyes and lost an hour of my day.  Oh yes I did.  It's that good!
And don't you want photos just like this and your grown daughter?  I certainly do!  I love the realness of this moment, and she just looks so amazingly happy and all's right with the world.  Debbie, you're rockin' it!
Elaine has me convinced that I want to live on need a hobby farm.  And horses.  And goats.  And more children.  And amazing sunsets for a backdrop for it all.  Elaine, your images inspire me.  
I mean aren't these photos just amazing?  I love love love having these gals in my network to talk photography shop and share inspirations with.  Thank you so much, ladies!  

Registration for the next beginner's photography class is going on right now! Click here for the details and for the registration link.  Class size is limited and is first come first serve.  I would love love love to learn with you and help you learn to capture your own ordinary miracles!


  1. Fabulous pictures! These ladies have been awesome to learn with! Looking forward to Photo Club!

  2. The photos are amazing!!
    I'm so sorry to find out that the class is already full!
    Until next time.......

  3. Nancy you are an amazing teacher!! So glad you are enjoying this so much!!

  4. I have been reviewing our editing class and each time I watch a video I pick up on something I didn't catch the first time. You have a great way of teaching!

  5. My wife has gotten a lot out of your classes, and I'm very glad to see one of her pics posted as an example of a student who's progressed (which she has).

    BTW, we here in No. Carolina have quite a lot of lighthouses, so come on over.

  6. Nancy - Thank you so much for teaching me to actually use my camera. My love of photography has expanded a 100 fold. I was so excited to learn you were using my photo for your post.

  7. Have you noticed how talented your students are?

    1. Oh YES I have! They are A. Ma. Zing! And I just had to show them off!

    2. They sure are amazing. They are so much better better than the pro photographer who did portraits for my children. I would rather have one of your students do it any day. All these are so professional-looking and flawless. Tell them that they are amazing for me!

  8. I just have to take your class someday!!!!! So fun!


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