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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Blue Lily über gush

I know that I'm still gushing about Blue Lily.
But I'm still gushing about Blue Lily!

Wendy and Tyler or Blue Lily do 600-ish family shoots per year around the world.  That's some serious experience.  They travel with their two über-sweet kiddos, (pictured above) who are home schooled along the way.  I wanted to show off show some of the portraits that I captured on this amazing weekend soaking in all they had to offer.
Wendy and Tyler demonstrated actual real-life family sessions, greeting and working with real clients, and walked us through their process.  THEN it was our turn when they gave US the reins and had us try our hand at shooting families and portraits too.  I so so appreciated that were both hands on teachers.  They looked at the back of our cameras, made adjustments, suggested lenses and settings, physically helped us position our bodies get in the right place for the shot, suggested what to say to get "the look" and how to pose both families and individual portraits.
The next day, Wendy took the images and showed us her editing process from start to finish. Importing, culling, clean edit, Photoshop, saving... by the way, I've never seen anyone cull images faster than Tyler.  Like 1-2 minutes for a whole session.   It was freakishly fast and weird.  In a if-I-thought-your-images-were-awesome-already-you-just-got-even-better kind of way.  And then Wendy edits each family session in about 30 minutes.  Ya, they're just rock stars that way.  It was incredibly inspiring.

One of our families had to cancel last minute.  And Wendy and Tyler, who travel (and home school) with their amazing children, volunteered their sweet kiddos to model for us. Is was a chilly day with a breeze in the air and these two sweeties were so wonderful to pose for us.

Couldn't you just jump into these baby blues?
This was a portrait shot that I was working on mastering while there.  So I have several kiddos in this pose while I worked on it.  I think I got it down!

I'm shooting differently after this weekend.  For the photographer junkies out there, I'm metering, focusing and setting my white balance differently, and there is definitely a learning curve going on!  But it is a welcome change and I think my muscle memory will catch up soon and my images will be all the better for it in the end.  2 steps forward for 1 step back I keep telling myself.
I already have Blue Lily booked to do our family pics for Christmas 2014.  Their session fee includes full resolution JPEGS!  You can see if they're coming to your neck of the woods here

I got home and the house was still standing.  Actually it was better than standing, I was greeted with lots of hugs, the kitchen was clean and my bed was made.  Sweet sweet family!  I am one lucky gal.
Now back to reality!


  1. I'm so glad you loved it! Gush away!!! I'm just soaking it up!

  2. Amazing! Keep me in the loop when another workshop comes up, I would be interested. She is not near enough for me to do a family shoot, but I would love a workshop

    1. The workshop is HIGHLY recommended, Mary Gene!

  3. So happy you had the opportunity to attend this workshop! I have been going over the lessons from our class as I prepare to attend the sassy workshop with Lisa next weekend.

  4. Have a great trip and soak it all in! I'm sure it will be a fun experience!


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