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Sunday, January 12, 2014

The turtle release

Because I still need to get all of our Mexico pics posted...

Because Papa made me French Toast for breakfast and I really must go eat a piece... or two... or three... 

Because this was one of of the highlights of our trip my life...

Because I better post this before I get distracted...

Because some of the children may to be young to remember what an incredibly special experience this was...

Because sometimes the story is ruined with words...

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
The video was taken and put together by my wonderful and very talented brother-in-law!  The children can't stop watching it.  And truth be told, me neither.  

ps-We were shocked that there were no directions or "ceremony" at the release.  Literally, Livy was handed the crate of sea turtles, and we were left on our own to figure out the best way to release them.  It was Mexico after all.  The video shows our extended family (of 20ish, but Patch was sick at the house) including many of our nieces and nephews, and 1 other family at the release.  
Amazingly no turtles were stepped on during the release... that I know of.  

pps-Linking up with Stefanie with her Sunday Snapshot.  Head on over to see some more wonderful blog!


  1. What a wonderful post! Your pictures are beautiful and the video so fun to watch. Thanks for sharing this special time.

  2. Oh Nancy that was a trip of a lifetime! All the bits of family together! The turtles! I'm so happy for you! Isn't God cool to have all these things come together for an amazing memory.

    1. Agreed! God throws ordinary miracles at us all the time! All we have to do is look.

  3. Looks like a wonderful memory making trip. The pictures are so beautiful and the video is great. We have watched it several times , I can't imagine how many times your little ones have watched it. Lia loves it :)
    Thanks as always for sharing

    1. My little ones are pretty sure they're famous when they see the videos. And I can not break their hearts and tell th otherwise.

    2. Oh they ARE famous - if only in a few households!! Lia asked 3 or 4 times yesterday to watch the "sea turtles that go to the ocean" :)
      So so cute !!!

    3. Oh but they ARE famous. Esp in our household. Lia asked several times yesterday to watch the "sea turtles that go to the ocean" and once before bed watched it :)
      So cute

  4. Wow! What an amazing experience, Nancy. The littles will appreciate your efforts to capture their experience so beautifully when they look through these pictures again when they're older. Nicely done!

  5. Hi!
    I found your blog from Ni Hao Yall and have been looking over it for more than an hour!:) Your posts and pictures are amazing! I am the oldest daughter in a family of 7, two of my siblings were adopted from DR Congo last year. I run a blog called Brittany's world. ( I'd love it if you followed me!


  6. Wow what an amazing experience...


  7. WOW... Nancy I love it. I love the pictures. I love the video. I love the time that your family spent together. I love the sand. I love the surf... I am envious. WOW, just WOW.

  8. Beautiful video. Showed it to Beatrice last night and her last words before sleep were "I sure hope those cuties swim in the water and live a long time!" I assume she meant the turtles. I also loved the suspense about whether that wave was going to knock you down as you were taking photographs. And, oh my, how fit you are looking! Good for you!

  9. Beautiful photos, videos, and memories for you and your family Nancy! What an awesome vacation!

  10. Beautiful photos....and that video?! For real!!!!! I loved seeing all the photogs in the background. What a wonderful memory for all of ya'll.


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