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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Singlet and half nelson season

We've been doing a lot of this lately.
Notice I said "we."  
It's a family affair.  
Okay, it's actually Patch, who is just a freshman, that's going to all the practices, traveling with the team, listening and learning from his coaches... ya, he's the one doing all the work work.  But as a family we are embracing and actively supporting our athlete in training!  We're stocking up on healthy snacks, eating dinners on the run every so often, and we're going to every meet and woooo hoooo-ing our boy from the stands!

At that first meet, I'm sure I looked like an oddity coming in with my 3 littles in tow, climbing up the bleachers and spreading out our coloring books and crayons in the stands.  I'm sure they thought I wouldn't last more than one meet.  But we've gone to them all!  Littles and all.  
As a family, Patch included, we knew next to nothing about wrestling going in.  Except that it involved that ever-popular singlet.  What I've come to appreciate is that not only is it the most testosterone-charged sport I know, but it is also amazingly fun to watch and seems to be the perfect match for the man child.  It's transforming his head in a lot of really really wonderful ways.  It's motivating him in areas that have little to nothing to do with wrestling.  There are some wonderful men who are actively trying to shape his character, and Patch seems to be listening.  The other day his coach said, If I can build great wrestlers then I've done a good job.  But if I can build good men, then I've done a better one.  Ya, he really said that.  
And what do we do for the 90-ish minutes of the meet when Patch isn't exerting his physical dominance?  Some of us take photos of the action, and practice setting custom white balance in what can only be described as a very challenging setting. (Did you see the yellow and red walls illuminated by gymnasium fluorescent lighting?  Ugh!  Let's just say I'm getting a photography work out!)  We're learning the names of the other wrestlers and meeting the other proud families that we're going to be spending 4 years with.  

And we also take a bag of tricks that carries the coloring books and crayons, cars, a few $1 cheeseburgers since the meets are almost always during dinner time, and when things get tough we break out our cell phone games cause it's that worth it to be there.  
With 6 practices a week, I was concerned that there was going to be pressure to cut weight or manipulate his growing and already-transforming hormonal body.  My fears have been put to rest.  Instead we've seen the man child be concerned with what he eats and try to do better.   Less snacks.  More calories with a purpose.  I'm happy to say that in all his weigh in's, his weight has only fluctuated 3-4 pounds.  There has been no pressure to put on or take off pounds.  Just to be healthy.  
As the season has progressed we've all gotten a little more wrestling savvy.  We know more of the terms, how they keep score, how to tell who's winning and when points are scored.  And we've even seen a "banana split!"  (Okay I'm throwing that in there just for those of you in the know about wrestling.)

Just for kicks and giggles, I'll mention that the man child is wrestling at the 138lb weight class.  He is 6' tall and has recently told me that he is outgrowing his size 13 shoes.  Ya, the next few years should be interesting. 
And he's steadily getting better.  
He had his first pin this weekend!
And now the season is coming to a close.  And I'm already sad that we won't be going to more wrestling meets!  
The good news is that track season starts immediately afterwards, and because it's the same coach, Patch is eager to give it try.  

So track and field, here come the Crazy 9's!

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  1. Love the little huddle of your kids in the stands


  2. Brings me back to my high school days! I use to be the girl who would tap the ref and let him know that time was up!

  3. Oh this takes me back a couple years. Both of my boys decided in high school to try wrestling and loved it! They had the best abs and I thought I should probably do the workouts with them and maybe then I could find mine, but alas, I didn't so they are still lost :) We spent many weekends in gyms that smelled like sweaty boys but every moment of having sore "bleacher bums" was worth it. Congrats on that pin - ahhh, love it! Aren't they just the best feeling?
    Having a great coach that understands the impact he has on helping to form boys into young men is an everlasting gift. They learn so much from us as parents but having an "outsider" tell them some of the same things somehow gets the message through their precious teenage heads.
    Love the pic of him looking up at you in his warm up!

  4. This is auto auto white balancer's worst nightmare. Kudos to you!

  5. We came home from Ethiopia during my bio son's baseball season. We used to hook Ayub up with noise canceling headphones and let him watch the iPad. It got us through until we could actually explain what was going on. But I love it when my kids support each other in their various sports. Or at least pretend to...

  6. I'm guessing wrestling might be in our future too. My husband wrestled in high school and my 5 year old is already asking when he gets to... we'll see. Hope you enjoy watching track. It was my fav (second only to cross country) in high school. Hope you get some beautiful spring days to watch meets!

  7. Track is great for conditioning kids and keeping them ready for their next sport, or the ones they currently have a passion for.

    My son's basketball coach has a similar philosophy and just yesterday my almost 12 year old that his coach "really does" have a lot of wisdom!


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