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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This happens all the time...

I intentionally take a photo that I want to be in black & white.
And I edit it in black & white.
And I love it in black & white!
And I'm done.
But then just for kicks I look at it in color.
And I kinda like it in color.
So I edit it in color.
And I love it in color!
And now I'm not done!  
So now I have 2 pics, one in black & white and one in color.  And I like them both and I can not decide which one to keep!

So which do you like better?

ps-Can our family successfully travel via plane with no checked luggage and 16 carry-ons?   At $25 a checked bag, carry-ons are lining the wall of my family room.  We're gonna find out!
Next stop, sand between our toes and an umbrella drink in my hand.  We're gonna find out if Santa Claus knows where the beach is!


  1. this one: color! and ooh baby, on that beach!!

  2. I'm leaning towards colour but both are beautiful!! Have a great vacay and hope all works out going COO. Baggage fees are nasty! Enjoy the beach!

  3. Color! I love being able to see her eyelashes and her gorgeous blondeness!


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