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Thursday, December 26, 2013

S'mores on the beach

Did I forget to wish y'all a very Merry Christmas?  
Let me blame it on the fact that I've been completely consumed with my family and savoring the moments of Stripped Down Christmas 2013.  I've had far too much sunblock on my fingers to dare touch a keyboard.  My hands have been full with a good book in one and an umbrella drink in the other.  I've been much too busy rubbing aloe vera on my sunburn and nibbling flour tortillas and homemade tamales to get close to my computer.  I've been building sandcastles on the beach by day and a fire for s'mores by night.   There are waves that need to be jumped and long slow walks that need to be taken... daily.  I absolutely must scan the water for dolphins, the evening sky for sunsets, and the beach for little ones that seem to continually giggle as the splash and play in the sand.  
Speaking of s'mores...
...this little girl kinda likes them.
...a lot.  

Tomorrow we visit the local orphanage.  But first we will start at the grocery and will buy the requested powered milk, cooking oil, eggs... you know... food.  We asked them what they needed and the nuns have informed us not to bring any toys or clothing.  It seems that they are usually inundated with toys and clothing.  They have run out of places to put it and now must deal with the over abundance of it.  They need food.  I am embarrassed to say that I hadn't considered it.  It's Christmas so my knee-jerk reaction was to bring the children toys.  But we will be bringing food.  Of course.  

I've prepped the little ones the best I know how.  Talking about what an orphanage is again.  Why the children are there.  How it's a family with lots of love, but it's different.  
"Just like in Beitnom and China, Mama?"  Tess asked me.  Yes, sweet girl.  Just like that.  
This visit is big deal, or at least it could be.  I'll be on the look out for any signs of stress in all of them.  But I'm not sure I have an exit strategy if I need one.   

A very merry belated Christmas to you all!  I hope it was full of laughter and love and every little thing your heart desired.  

(for my photography peeps the ISO for these was between 6400-12,600, taken at 16mm, at f/2.8 and 1/60th)


  1. What a beautiful way to spend Christmas.

  2. Caught the pun!
    What a wonderful idea to visit the orphanage . We might steal your stripped down idea for next year.

    1. Oh I HIGHLY recommend it, Anonymous! It has been divine in its simplicity.


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