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Monday, December 16, 2013

One part of Christmas I can actually do with a smile on my face

In addition to the day to day demands of life, let's take a closer look what December holds...

There's a tree farm to visit and that of course leads to the tree that will need to be decorated. 
Wreaths need to be hung.
Outdoor lights and the front of the house to decorate.
Other miscellaneous decorations
The Christmas family picture to take that has just about has everyone in tears before it's over. 
Christmas cards to stuff and stamp.
Packages to be taken to the post office and wait in neverending lines to send.
A perfect gift for each and every one.  Or 10. 
And don't forget gifts for the teachers. And mailman.
Mistletoes to be hung.
The Christmas pageant for the little ones.
Stockings need to be filled.
The gifts wrapped.  And tied with pretty ribbons. 
New pajamas for the night before.
A traditional breakfast.  And lunch.  And dinner.
The holiday office party for which you'll have to find a babysitter.  
          And bring a white elephant gift.  
Christmas Eve church service.  (Notice how it's just thrown in there like everything else.)
That blasted elf who seems to be everywhere but a shelf.
A visit to the mall to see Santa himself.
Do I really need to decorate the car?
A nativity set to display.
Advent candles to light.
An advent calendar to dispense a daily chocolate. 
A drive to see the Christmas lights.
Gingerbread houses to make and display and somehow keep the dog from eating. 
Santa's letter to write.  I mean help them write, of course.
Christmas candy to make.
Christmas cookies to bake by the dozens and exchange at the party.
Not to mention the sugar cookies to roll out and decorate with your own little ones.
And a visit to the angle tree at the mall
Christmas music to play...


Music?  I can do that!

And you know that this Decemeber list is far from comprehensive.  There's more we could add.  Lots more!  Let's hope that nobody gets sick or the car needs repair in the middle of it all!

Keepin'-it-real mom says that along with fun traditions, family and wonderful memories, Christmas also brings it's fair share of stress.  Yep, I said it.  Christmas can be stressful!  I like Christmas.  Really I do.  Notice I didn't say love.  I don't love it, and I find it one of the more stressful times of year with amazingly high expectations especially for moms.  but music?  Ya, I can do that and I can do that relatively easily.  And to bonus is that the music actually helps create and maintain a festive mood.  Or at least that's the goal.  

Each year I add a couple more songs to my Christmas playlist so I don't break the bank in one fell schwoop.  Over the years I've accumulated a collection, and it's one of the things I look forward to each holiday season.  So in no particular order, here are some of our favorite Christmas songs.  Some are new and some are old.  We look forward to singing them all!

I've linked download links incase you want to add to your own collection.

The Drifters

Families love traditions and look forward to them.  But the list of Christmas expectations can be daunting!  Pick and choose from the traditions on that ginormous list above.  Among others, I've picked bring Christmas music into my home to help everyone feel the season of the spirit!  Don't feel like you have to do it all.  Pick the ones that mean something to you, and your family will feel your enthusiasm and your love.  

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  1. We love streaming K-love's Christmas channel here at our camp. So beautiful, calming and brings our focus to Jesus<3


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