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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Her first time on the beach

She started off slowly and with extreme caution.  
 Because after all waves are loud and the ocean is big.  
Can't say I blame her.  
 Then her sister showed her how to dig in the sand and look for crabs.
 And soon she was constantly giggling and having so much fun like we knew she would...
 ... and running back for more!
Stripped down Christmas 2013.
She's all over it!

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  1. I said I was jealous before... but oh man... now I REALLY wish I was with you!!!!!!!!!!!! What an experience, and you captured it so perfectly!

  2. love your shots and what a story they tell. I especially love the one of the girls down on the sand together, and then each one just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Think she has loved her day!

  3. Aw, how fun! You captured the experience beautifully! Love their matching swimsuits too, so precious!

  4. Oh she just looks like she is loving every second...just love how her joy radiates!!

    Blessings for a wonderful holiday, Ashley

  5. The pure happiness in this post could melt even the coldest of hearts.

  6. This post is pure perfection, her journey from unsure to utter child delight is so precious


  7. She is seriously too delicious!! Great pictures! agree with the comment above too! Totally laughed at your boogie board post too!LOL oooh been there, tried hurts.......AND sand gets in places that sand has no business being!!


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