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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gift idea for someone else or yourself!

I can not believe that I'm doing this again!  I am not a girl that likes to stand in front of the camera!  But some things are just too good to not pass on.  And with Christmas upon us, I couldn't resist.  You know I like to pass on the good stuff!

Stitch Fix!  Have you tried it yet?
Stitch Fix is an online personal stylist service.  I am NOT a girly girl and was not blessed with the genes (or jeans) that like to go shopping and or care all that much about what I wear.  Don't get me wrong.  I like to be put together, but actually getting to that point is kinda a mystery to me.  And that's where Stitch Fix comes in!  Clothes (and accessories if you like) are shipped free to my door.  I try it all on, try it on with stuff I already have in my closet, think about it a couple days (and it's amazing how many times my mind has changed in those couple days!) then returned what I don't want to keep free in the pre-paid priority envelope that is included.  I only pay for what I keep.   There's a much better review about it here with lots of details.  But let me tell you, this last fix rocked!  Some fixes are better than others.  I always seem to find at least one thing that I like, and I am so picky keeping only the things I really really love.

So here's why I'm telling you about it again.  It's Christmas time, and if you're anything like me you have that little handful of women on your to-buy for list that you can not figure out what to get!  If you want to get them something unique and fun, that they may not want to get for themselves, Stitch Fix has gift cards!  I recommend getting them a $20 dollar gift card so they can try it out for themselves and avoid the service fee.  And then they will have a $20 credit if they choose to get something from their fix.  Or maybe a bit more for the extra special women in your life.  And please try Stitch Fix out for yourself too while you're at it!  Like I said, I am NOT a shopper but this is actually really fun!

On with the fix I got this time.

Item #1--I loved loved this sweater, and it was my favorite thing in the box when I first opened it up.  I needed to keep it.  I wanted to keep it.  It covers my bum and keeps me warm.  But the more I wore it, there was something funky about the way it hung on me.  It kept trying to fall off my shoulders.  I ignored the fit because I had already decided to keep it.  But by the next day it was pretty irritating and so back it went.
Item #2--This lovely emerald scarf complete with tying suggestion!  I specifically requested a scarf.  That how Stitch Fix rolls.  You can actually request item if you want.  But I was quite impatient and bought 2 scarves before my box arrived.  Poor pretty emerald scarf didn't stand a chance.  Back it went too.  But I kept the tying suggestions as I can use all the help I can get!
Item #3--This blue top.  Oh I wanted to keep this blue top.  Really I did.  I love love love the color!  Sad but it was a bit too snug.  I'm really holding it all in this pic and made Liv retake the pic more than once.  But it was not to be, and back it went.  
Item #4-- This striped fall dress.  Insert a groan when I pulled it out of the box.  Not my color pallet.  Horizontal stripes.  What were they thinking?!  You see this is something I never would have pulled off the rack!   Then I tried it on.  I added the black cardigan from my closet.  And boots.  And a smirk krept across my face!   I fell in love with it!  Did I mention it has pockets?  I love pockets, and it's so fall and winter-ish!  Oh yeah baby, it's currently hung in my closet!
Item #5--The black pants in all of the above pics.  Insert another groan when I saw them.  I've never gotten pants from Stitch Fix.  I'm far from a skinny mini and dread that moment where you can even pull them up over your thighs.  Oh yeah I'm keeping it real because that happens.  So when I pulled them out and saw they were skinny pants (as my daughter calls them) I almost didn't try them on.  And let me tell you I would be so sorry if I didn't.  I love them!  I mean love and again this was something I would never have considered in a store.  I'm learning that I'm actually pretty bad at buying "staples" for my wardrobe, and I love the Stitch Fix throws these in too.  Truth be told, the above outfit never got off my body that day.  I wore it on a double date that night.  
So there you have it.  Give Stitch Fix as a gift, (I suggest $20 for the service fee) and if you haven't done so already, try it and give yourself a treat that you will look forward to!  I think you'll be pretty happy that you did!


  1. Oh Nancy. That dress rocks! So cute on you! With the boots and cardigan, you look like a girl who loves to shop and spends all her time putting together amazing outfits. Well done!

  2. The dress is adorable. Bummer about the sweater, it really was lovely and looked great on you.

  3. It would drive me crazy too if the sweater was always trying to fall off, but it is lovely!

  4. Love the dress! The whole out fit is just smashing on you :) I'm afraid to try stitch fix.......cause well it's not in my budget........and I might fall in love with more than I can afford.....ack. But I love these posts! Do more!

    1. I agree with you, the price point on average items isn't cheap. And that's why I have to absolutely LOVE what I keep. If I wear something over and over and love it, then I don't mind spending the extra. But you are right.

  5. Love Stitch Fix! I'm currently waiting on my 2nd box!

  6. Couple of things:
    1) I just got my 3rd fix on Tuesday! You're right about it bing hit or miss. This or was definitely a hit! I loved EVERYTHING in my fix.
    2) my two best friends each received those black Sanctuary pants and they each LOVE them! The first to get them thought they were too skinny and wouldn't look good. Wrong! Both of them look awesome, as do you!

    1. That was my thought about those pants too as I pulled them out of the box... They'll NEVER fit ME! But they are now a total fave!!! Glad you're liking it just as much as me!

  7. Nice post! The dress is adorable. Bummer about the sweater, it really was lovely and looked great on you. Thanks for sharing..

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