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Monday, December 23, 2013

Amazing sunset and random thoughts

The grandparents, their 3 children and their spouses, including Papa and me, and 14 of 15 grandchildren are here, (all of them except Sunny.)  So even though the beach is deserted where we are at, we bring our own crowd.  Especially when the sunset is this good.

thought 1--Any woman that can boogie board and look even remotely feminine in the process, is a freakin' rock star in my book.  I'm pretty sure that boogie boarding is not a sport that easily lends it's self to a girl naturally "looking pretty."

thought 2--My bathing suit is an anomaly.  It deceivingly fits fine when lounging on the beach or poolside, but it is too big... especially when boogie boarding.  

thought 3--Sand is Mother Nature's natural loofah.  

thought 4--I bruise very easily.  

thought 5--The folks during happy hour enjoy watching middle-age women boogie board.  See thought 2.


  1. One of the things I'm proudest of as a mama, is that I boogie board with my kids. (Never really thought about it that way before.) I get out there and forget about what my hair looks like or if I look fat and just have fun. One day last summer, a friend and I took our kids to the beach. Now neither of us are swimsuit models, but at one point, we grabbed the kids' boogie boards and went out and rode waves for about an hour. We were a sight, but it was fun, and the kids loved watching it all.

    1. Dana, I do think we were entertainment for the kiddos, old and young alike, The littler kiddos were a bit afraid for me though. Mimi and Tess kept asking Liv (who was watching them on shore) if I was going to die. Poor little things. Nevertheless, yep, gotta get out there and live some life so they know just how it's done!

  2. What a wonderful vacation and memories you are building!

  3. I hear ya. Also there is just certain places that sand does not belong!! ;)


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